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Ways of Writing a Descriptive Essay on Nature

Among all other types of essays descriptive texts are often considered to be easier to write. After all, you simply have to compose description of something, whatever it is. When it comes to practice, however, everything is far less simple. A descriptive essay should be properly structured, it follows its own principles of logical composition, it has its own do’s and don’ts, and failing to comply with one of these numerous requirements may result in getting an unsatisfactory mark for the entire work. First of all, you should remember that although you are often given a great degree of freedom when it comes to descriptive writing, usually you are supposed to give a very detailed account of a single experience, so try to avoid generalities. If you write about nature, you should describe a particular landscape, or some striking experience from your life, for example, your first visit to the mountains, or a particular spot you remember well, or something along the same lines.

How to Write an Essay about Nature

how to write a descriptive essaySo, you have to deal with descriptive writing about nature and you have already chosen an approximate topic you are going to write on. Next, you are supposed to imagine the scene you are about to describe and think about the ways to make this description as picturesque and vivid as possible. The good thing about descriptive writing is that there are almost no limitations to what you may write. You are free to use any tropes, any literary approaches – as long as they work. But remember – the main task is to make the reader see what you describe as if he were there himself. Reread your essay about nature after you have finished and try to look at it from the reader’s point of view. Can you imagine the same scene that was in your head when you have started writing based only on your essay? If no, you are doing something wrong.

Study a Descriptive Essay Example

In theory it is all very well, but you will never get a clear understanding of how to write this kind of essay from theory alone. Look for a descriptive essay example online – thus you will be able to judge what you are doing right and what you have gotten wrong. It is better for you to use an essay written on a completely different topic as an example – if the theme of the sample essay is close to your own, you may feel compelled to use elements from it in your own work. And while occasional borrowing of ideas is nothing to be afraid of, nobody knows when your tutor is going to check your essay for plagiarism – and if he does, he might consider a harmless lifting of an interesting idea to be copy/paste. So the best advice that can be given here is to use examples for reference, but to use your own language – and make sure this language stays clear and concise. Avoid overly elaborate wording – it is much more important to be correctly understood than to impress the reader with your word-juggling prowess.

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