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Developing paragraphs

Paragraphs are the consistent parts of any writings and any paper is impossible without them. They form every writing, make it clear and easier to read and understand. However, only well and properly structured and developed paragraphs are able to provide your essay with a positive grade. There are several things you must keep to while writing paragraphs in order to produce a successful and interesting piece of writing. So please read the following information attentively, and if you will keep these simple rules, no doubt you will be able to write good essays.

First of all it is better to keep in mind that the structure of paragraphs gives the reader a map of your ideas and opinions and also show your reasoning. Thus you need to be very attentive while writing them. Paragraphs show the flow of ideas in your head that you try to put on the paper, and if you don’t want the reader to think that everything in your head is a complete mess, then it is better to follow the tips below.

First of all, every paper should have an introduction and conclusion paragraphs. The first paragraph of any writing is the introduction, and it should catch the attention of the reader. It should not necessarily be extensive, and actually it is even better if the introduction paragraph is short and easily understandable. Note that it is better not to overwhelm it with too much information, but the main purpose of the introduction paragraph is to catch the attention of the reader so that he or she will want to continue reading your paper.

Concluding paragraph also should not be a big one and should summarize the information given in the whole text by highlighting main points and ideas given in the paper. It should repeat the main idea of the essay the reader had just read and give an outcome or purpose of all the information that was presented in the paper.

Speaking about all paragraphs in general, try to avoid long ones, because they can be “not-user-friendly” to read. If you have a paragraph that is about one page long or more, you should better check if it can work as two separate paragraphs instead. But your paragraphs should not be short either. Two or three sentence paragraphs should be combined together with some other, as they might seem to be unprofessional and lack completeness. Try to keep the “the golden mean” so that your paragraphs will not be too long or too short, but just about the right size to include all necessary information and not overwhelm and bore the reader.

Moreover, remember that each paragraph should be connected and coherent with others and should definitely be focused. To make the paragraphs connected with each other you can repeat key words throughout your whole paper or you can use linking words such as: also, for example, in addition to, on the contrary, on the other hand, in conclusion, accordingly, therefore, finally etc.

Every paragraph should have a topic sentence where the central idea of the paragraph will be presented. It is recommended to put the topic sentences at the beginning of the paper, this way the reader will know what to expect from the further writing. However this is not the case with first and last (introduction and conclusion) paragraphs of the paper. While writing paragraphs please follow the logical order and sequence, for example going from cause to effect, from more to less important or using comparison and contrast pattern.

So, in order to write a good paper your paragraphs should have right and proper size, have topic sentence at the beginning of each (excluding first and last ones though), they should be focused and easy to read. If you keep all the information from this article in mind, you will have better chance to achieve success in your writing and will grant your professor little more pleasant reading moments before going to sleep. Good luck.

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