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5 Dumb Ways to Drop Out of College

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College education is a serious business. It takes up to four years of your life during which you have little opportunity to do anything else, it occupies your attention and efforts, it costs a pretty penny – most students end up with about $30,000 student loan debts by the time they graduate.

Which means that it if you are not going to go through with it, you should make this decision beforehand and don’t even apply, because to drop out of college halfway through means you’ve spent time and money without achieving anything. Nevertheless, every year thousands of students do exactly this, in a more or less stupid way. Let’s take a look at how you can achieve such a fascinating result.

1. Cheating

Most colleges have a very strong stance against cheating in any form, be it usual crib notes, usage of mobile devices during exams or something more exotic and blatantly stupid, like stealing exam notes from professor’s office.

Cheating may look like an easy way out of a tight spot, but really, is it worth it? At the very best, you get a better grade for one exam. If something goes wrong, you may get kicked out of college. And don’t make a mistake: your tutors aren’t stupid, they have seen it all. In most cases the success of your cheating depends on whether they turn a blind eye to it. Usually they don’t.

2. Getting Drunk in Class

One may think it is something even not-so-intelligent students would draw a line at, but these things actually happen. Unsurprisingly, most colleges are less than understanding about their students passing drinks around and getting drunk themselves when they are supposed to study. It is usually filed under “student misconduct”, and can often get you expelled.

3. Carrying Weapons on College Grounds

Taking into account the horrifying regularity with which college and school shootings occur, it is only logical that authorities are very nervous about weapons being carried around college property. While this ban is very unlikely to stop somebody if he actually decides to carry out a shooting, having weapons on your person can get you into a lot of trouble.

4. Letting a Prank Get out of Hand

Although student pranks are a time-honored tradition in many colleges, and school authorities are often more likely to look the other way, there are still limits. If it gets out of hand and somebody gets hurt or even killed, if you stumble upon an especially humorless professor, if you are stupid enough to document your exploits and put it on YouTube – there will be hell to pay.

5. Stealing College Property

No matter how tempting this new iMac in the lab looks, it is a very, very bad idea to try and appropriate it. Remember, people around you are not as stupid as you like to think – if you are found out, getting expelled won’t even be among your biggest worries. Oh, and stealing is immoral too, if you are wondering.

On the whole, college authorities tend to be surprisingly lenient to stupid things students do. Just don’t go out of your way to be dumb, and you are likely to graduate with honors.

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