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Sensitive Topics: How to Write a Mercy Killing Essay

euthanasia essayAmong all the sensitive topics you may be asked to write on euthanasia is probably one of the most sensitive. The world is divided into the followers of two directly opposing ideas: one believe that murder is murder, no matter what the circumstances are. Even if we speak about the people with incurable illnesses that cause great suffering, doctors should follow the Hippocrates Oath and refuse to harm their patients in any way. The others state that euthanasia gives a person whose life turned into constant and hopeless cycle of pain the only freedom he or she still has – to leave this world with dignity. If there is no other hope, why not help the patient in the only way that is still left? Truly, a perfect topic for an argumentative essay – both sides have very strong arguments in their support, both are perfectly logical – only their hierarchy of values is somewhat different. But students often feel intimidated by the gravity and sensitivity of this topic, and as a result we have bland, half-hearted attempts at writing that make only one effort – to avoid offending anybody.

Don’t Forget to Study a Sample Argumentative Euthanasia Essay

If you have no idea how to approach the topic, you may try and find some examples on the Internet. Although it will be a really bad decision to copy/paste any of them and try to pass it for your own writing, reading one may provide you with the much necessary insight and help you get to grips with the issue. If you have a strong opinion on the subject, you should probably look for an example of argumentative essay that promotes another point of view – when you see how wrong the author is and in what respects, it will be easier for you to build up your own argumentation.

Your Own Take on Mercy Killing Essay

There are a lot of possible approaches you may use when dealing with the topic of euthanasia. But whatever opinion you share, don’t forget that you shouldn’t found your essay on emotions, no matter how much this particular topic asks for it. What you need is real argumentation, supported with facts, statistics, examples from real life and so on. For example, if you support euthanasia, you may mention the number of patients slowly dying of incurable diseases with no hope for recovery who could be otherwise spared the pain and indignity of their position if they were allowed to die. If you are against it, you may mention the examples of people waking up from coma long after the doctors had given up on them and told their loved ones that they may just as well pull the plug on them. Study a sample argumentative essay on the topic and think about the arguments presented by another person – maybe you can disprove them? As you may see, the possibilities are boundless, especially if you have a strong opinion on the subject in question.

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