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Essay in Today’s Educational System

An ESSAY is a kind of written work that can not be taken out of today’s education system. During last decades writing an essay became one of the most important parts of educating young people and adults. The reason for this major significance of the essay is that it provides a number of positive effects for both professors and students:

  1. Students are able to express their thoughts clearly with no rush and pressure.
  2. Students are able to show their knowledge and writing skills simultaneously.
  3. Essay writing gives students the ability to show creativity and rationality.
  4. Teachers and professors are able to evaluate student’s work according to specific criteria and requirements.
  5. Essays give teachers a chance to get to know students and their knowledge better.
  6. Essay writing develops analytical, logical, creative, critical and other skills of students.
  7. There are yet no alternatives for students that could be as effective as writing essays.
  8. It is time saving for students and teachers and makes the studying process a lot more convenient unlike oral peer-to-peer conversations.

Essay writing is inalienable part of education in any human society and it will remain so for a long time because of its effectiveness in evaluation of the abilities and intellect of students.

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