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20 Paperback Guides on Essay Writing

Paperback guides are one of the best methods to learn something new. The following list contains the best paperback guides for essay writings.

essay writing guide

1. How to Write Better Essays by Bryan Greetham

This guidebook is a comprehensive tutorial on essay writing. The reader is carefully taken through each section such as research, planning, writing, and revising.


2. First Class Undergraduate Essays in Under 24Hours by Martin Horton

This is the essential guide for students in universities who are looking forward to write more. This book includes how to read essays, how to construct essays, and how to produce a bibliography.


3. How to Write Essays: A Practical Guide for Students by John Clanchy & Brigid Ballard

This book is a simple guide for students on essay writing. It teaches them the basic steps of essay writing such as how to choose your topic and how to research on it accordingly. Though this book has been published a while back, it is still a great guide to start with.


4. Writing an Academic Essay by Quinton Howitt

This book by Quinton Howitt helps the reader to analyze questions. If you were given a topic to write on, this book helps you analyze the topic and its requirements.


5. How to Write an Essay by Kathi Wyldeck

This guide includes warm up activities for the reader. It also includes many topics such as how to write letters to friends. This book contains many great topics such as how to write applications and different types of essays.


6. How to Write Essays for GCSE English Literature by Neil Bowen

In this guide, Neil helps the reader by giving excellent sample essays and guiding them on how to write essays according to their academic requirements. From planning to writing, this book has it all.


7. How to Use Your Reading in Your Essays by Jeanne Godfrey

This guide is suitable for university students; it’s a simple guide, it is simply using your reading skills, and utilizing them in writing.


8. Write Great Essays by Peter Levin

This guide is for undergraduates and postgraduates alike. This guide helps the student get thorough hard topics using the right structures.


9. Brilliant Writing Tips for Students by Julia Copus

This is a pocket study guide, you can take it anywhere and everywhere, a very useful guide for students to keep with them at all times.


10. Planning your Essay by Janet Godwin

This is also a pocket study guide. This guide is also very essential for students as it helps them plan the perfect essays.


11. Writing Essays for Dummies by Mary Page & Carrie Winstanley

Learn how to write the perfect essays by this great guide. It will help you write the perfect essay for your required academic standards. This is a great guide for college and university leveled students.


12. PWN the SAT: Essay Guide by Mike McClenathan

The best guide to take you through your SAT within instants, it helps the student meet the requirements and is recommended by many teachers out there.


13. Writing Essays about Literature by Kathrine O. Acheon

It is a brief guide for college & university students, these students are taken step by step to achieve the required standard.


14. Writers at Work by Dorothy Zemach

This guide helps students with their academic needs. This book is a great guide for college level students.


15. Real World Writing for Secondary Students by Jessica Early & Meredeth DeCosta

This is a great guide for students in the secondary level. This book helps the student with all the subjects such as letter writing, essay writing, and much more.


16. Quick Lit: Plots, Themes Characters and Sample Essays by Students Research Tufts

This guide is an excellent resource, which gives students the basic understanding of what teachers want. The guide gives them different themes and accordingly shows them sample essays.


17. Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis

This will help students use intelligent words while writing essays. This can also be used as a GRE guide for students in universities.


18. Real Writing with Readings by Susan Anker

In this guide, Susan brings a new perspective amongst the students. She shows them what writing is about and how they can learn to write what they want to and still meet their requirements.


19. Models for Writers by Alfred Roza and Paul Eschholz

Simple guide, with lots of experience within it. This guide contains thousands of sample essays to help students write essays.


20. The Basics of Essay Writings by Nigel Warburton

Nigel helps students with planning, and researching. He takes them step-by-step and helps them explore their writing skills.

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