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Education in Europe and the United States of America: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to higher education, every institution is unique in what it as to offer to the students. Lacking a uniform prospect for all, every university presents different rules and regulations for both social standards and academic expectations. There are yet definite similarities peculiar to the universities in the United States of America as for those in Europe. The standards upheld by the universities in the United States of America are quite different to those of Europe. The cultures are pretty different due to difference in the higher education systems in the distinctive countries.

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One of the most significant disparities is the cost of attendance of college in the two regions. While there are currently attempts to raise the price of tuition for colleges students in Europe, the current cost is significantly much lower than the average tuition for university attendance in the United States of America. Receiving a college education in the United States of America is currently evidently a pricey endeavor for anyone seeking to do so. However, some cheaper options are available, but still will definitely require a few thousands of dollars. College education is ultimately essential for everyone, but still very few people will attain it without leaving with massive debts in student loans. Seeing students graduate with up to $150,000 to pay off is not a surprising phenomenon in the United States of America. This is overwhelming enough to steer away potential entrants from pursuing a college education.

Another fundamental difference between studying in the United States of America and Europe is the classroom structure. Lots of European universities have rigid standards that are put in place by the actual university itself and not by the professor or the academic department. Freedom from the university is far less than would be expected. In the United States of America, there is a lot more freedom enjoyed by professors and departmental heads. Of course there are university standards and guidelines, but they are general and give the professors and the departmental heads a lot of discretion. This has created a vastly different classroom atmosphere between universities classrooms in the United States of America and those at the European universities.

It is apparent that students in the universities in the United States of America and their counterparts in the European will face substantially different campus life experiences. Both systems have a number of pros and cons, implying the decisions to pick either a college in the United States of America or the European continent, ground down to personal preferences. A student seriously choosing between the two vastly different continents but still stuck in a dilemma should readily consider getting an up-to-date information from erasmuscu.com to ensure that he or she has all requisite facts to make the wisest decision.

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