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Examination Hall

When there are only a couple of minutes before the examination begins, the students gather right before the hall, where the tests are going to take place. Some students come in their cars, while the others prefer bicycles. Some college attendants put on their finest outfits while the rest of them gives preference to the casual clothes.

What is the Happy Gathering?

Boys and girls are standing here and there in small groups. They never stop talking to each other. At some point they feel sad when it’s time for the examination hall to open and they get inside. They keep their eyes on the clock to know when the significant time comes. Their mothers, fathers and other relatives are there to support them and tell them about how to fare well in the process. The friends, who are also there and who have once been through it, instruct them in detail about the examination. They share their experiences and give hot tips.

What’s Going on in the Candidate’s Mind?

college exams

Every thought that pops up in the mind of a student is related only to the examination. They form themselves into many groups seen everywhere – on the benches, in the garden or in the green ground. They all suggest possible questions and immediately give various answers. As soon as a clever boy appears on their way, they catch him up and ask every question possible.

Being Care Free Is a Part of the Process

Although the whole group is bathing in fear, there are some individuals who are absolutely fear-less. They take every exam as a game. Making fun of everything is a part of the play. Being care free they tease those who is busy with books and laugh at the students praying for the best.

Who Else?

If you take a closer look around, you will find out that there are also other persons besides the examinees. They are here just to enjoy what is happening. The hawkers are there to hawk. The shopkeepers simply keep their shops. Nonetheless, none of the stuff grabs student’s attention this time.

Here’s When the Examination Starts

When there are only several minutes left before the examination, the examination superintendent appears with a peon, who opens the hall. This is the moment, when the students have an opportunity to enter the place. Some of them feel awkward, some behave uneasily. Their heart beat reaches the critical point when they enter the door. With the God’s name on their lips they take their seats.

Meanwhile, someone hears the bell ringing and the sound of silence. Everybody is serious as never before. When every seat is occupied, the door of the examination hall is clothed. This is when the examination starts!

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