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How to Write an Expository Essay about Solar Energy

essay about solar energyWhat should you do if you have never read a single sentence about solar energy and have no interest in it whatsoever, but still have to write an expository paper about it for your class? First of all, don’t panic and don’t wonder if you have missed something during your course – everything goes according to plan. You are, most likely, not supposed to know much about the topic you have to write on – the very nature of your assignment presupposes that you should investigate it, define your point and write an argument on it. Some people may say that it doesn’t differ in any significant way from research and argumentative essays. This classification, however, has been created long ago and is unlikely to be cancelled anytime soon, so you should better learn how to differentiate between these types of academic papers. The main distinctive feature of expository essays is the fact that you should present the subject, the experience or the idea in question in a concise manner, devoiding any kind of criticism. You are expected to recount other people’s ideas, or simply expose something without trying to give it any estimate yourself.


Study Expository Essay Examples before Starting out

It is not all that difficult to find examples to use as a starting point of your own writing; it is much harder, however, to find good examples. Try to look for the sources that have been around for a long time and take any recommendations with a grain of salt – even if somebody received first-rate expository essay examples from this or that online essay repository it doesn’t mean that all the papers kept in their database are equally well-written.


Writing Your Own Essay on Solar Energy

First of all, make sure you understand the nature of expository essays correctly. You should explain your topic to the reader in as few words as possible without making any personal conclusions. It means that, unless you have been given a particular topic by your tutor, you should try and narrow it down. While you will have hard time explaining everything that can possibly be explained about solar energy, if you choose something a bit less general everything is going to be fine – take, for example, the practical use of solar energy and its history, or the state of solar energy usage in different countries of the world and its prospects in near future – in other words, something you can comfortably write about in 3-4 pages (unless, again, you have specific requirements). This way, you will still have an essay dealing with solar energy, but it will be different from the essays written by other students, especially those who choose not to digress from the nominal topic and write about solar energy in general. Another important thing is to find appropriate sources, depending on your academic level. The Internet is at your disposal, but the best source of information are still traditionally published books, so be ready to visit a library.

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