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Expository Essay On Fear: General “How-To” Guideline

essay on fearWe are all human beings and there’s something each of us is afraid of. It’s not a surprise, for we’re not gods. When the task is to compose an expository essay for school, first thing one should keep in mind is the nature of the project. An expository essay provides thorough explanation of a topic (in this article the paper will be based on facts about fear) by means of factual data. All the ideas can be then properly explained by concise and clear facts. In the conclusive section of the essay you as the author are supposed to build up a solid argument on the basis of facts mentioned throughout the content.

Here are the simple steps you can make use of when writing an expository essay on fear.

Step 1

Mention the key topic of the essay. As you have to deal with fear, feel free to select an essay topic that is not too general. Choose a narrower topic. For instance, one can describe childhood fears. We all have been kids some time ago, so we can mention dozens of things that were the scariest for us. Remember your personal Bogeyman and start writing!

Step 2

Collect information on the essay topic. Newspapers, journals and books – make sure to look through them thoroughly and use information on your topic only from credible sources. Expository essay information may involve research findings, statistical data, previously researched material performed by other authors, chronicles, etc.

Step 3

Make your general statement into an intro paragraph of the expository essayThe statement should be placed either within the first or the last sentence of the essay. In case you place it within the first sentence of your expository essay, make certain that the in following sentences you elaborate upon the statement. Brief and interesting supporting points can be mentioned, too, to a better effect. But in case you make a decision to place your statement within the last sentence, all the preceding sentences should be logically linked to one another and lead to the final statement.

Step 4

Write about all the facts within the main part of the essay. Here’s where you can group all the information found on the topic and share your life experiences. In case you decide to write about phobias, make sure to base every paragraph on a separate key idea each supported with relevant figures and facts. For instance, arachnophobia is one of the fears people around the world face. Are you one of spiders’ anti-fans? Go ahead and share your thoughts on it!

Step 5

Sum up all you have written above. Assess the topic in a certain light depending on the evidence you have mentioned within the body of the essay. Let’s say you’ve dedicated your essay to your personal fear of height. Your expository essay conclusion is an opportunity to provide your reader with some recommendations on how to get rid of this phobia. Your audience would also be glad to hear how you’ve managed to fight your fears and win.

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