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Expository Essay Topics for Everyone

expository essay writingBefore you choose what topic your expository essay should be written on, you should understand what kind of essay this is and in what ways it is different from other similar essays subtypes. Expository essays are often mixed with research and argumentative essays, which can hardly be considered justified. The matter is, in an expository essay you are not supposed to persuade your reader that this or that point of view is correct, you have explain what something is, give the reader understanding of the topic in question. That is why when you choose expository essay topics you are going to write on, if you are given such freedom, it would be better for you to choose something you are familiar with, so that you don’t have to do any extra research.

How to Write an Expository Essay on Michael Jordan

In order for you to understand how to write expository essays, let’s discuss it using Michael Jordan as an example of a topic you may choose. What should you do? First of all, gather all the facts you know about the topic in question and see if it is necessary to do any additional research. Then try to narrow the topic down a little bit, because you cannot tell everything about Michael Jordan in a small essay – such a well-known person can be viewed upon from many different points of view, and his entire life cannot be retold in a couple of pages. So, try to make your essay on Michael Jordan a little bit more specific – for example, concentrate your attention on his younger years, or a particular episode of his sports career (for example, his short-lived baseball career or his participation in the Olympics), or his relationships with his family.

The Peculiarities of Writing an Expository Essay

When you have to deal with an expository essay, you have to keep in mind several principles which you should apply to your work. First of all, your essay should have a very clearly defined structure: mention your thesis in the first, introductory, paragraph, deal with the topic in the body paragraphs and write a conclusion. Make sure all parts of your essay are logically interconnected: the body follows the thesis, and the conclusion is clearly based on the body. If something doesn’t add up, it would be considered to be a serious flaw. Writing an expository essay is supposed to teach you how to collect, analyze and use information, and if the end result shows that you haven’t done it properly, you are unlikely to get a high grade. Finally, pay attention to the conclusion – a lot of people seem to think that it is enough to repeat the statement made in introduction. It is, however, not true – you should return to your initial statement while taking into account the new information you have mentioned in the body of your essay. If you haven’t uncovered anything new during your research, what exposition can you talk about?

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