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George Washington Essay Ideas and How to Use Them

George Washington EssayGeorge Washington is one of the central figures of American history – as one of the founders of the United States of America in its modern form, the first US President, the general who led armies to victory during the defining War for Independence, he is hard to be surpassed by any other person. However important this other person is for the history of the country, without George Washington there wouldn’t have been any country in the first place. That is why it is only natural for tutors and professors to give their students a George Washington essay to write now and then – and expect them to treat the task with all seriousness.


Where to Get Information on George Washington

Frankly speaking, anywhere. There is hardly any other historical character that had been the subject of more research that George Washington. Depending on the seriousness of your task, however, you should look for more or less scientific sources. If you are writing an essay for high school, it will be more than enough to surf the Internet and look through a couple of historical websites, possibly to skim through a book or two you find in footnotes in Wikipedia. But if you write for college or university, you need more detailed information on George Washington. Find books by celebrated historians, preferably the ones who specialized in George Washington’s biography. Read them carefully, note the sources they used and, if necessary, do the same.


George Washington History and What to Write about It

If you have to write a history essay on Washington, choose a specific episode or period from his life. Being an important historical figure who lived in not so distant future, he left many accounts and testimonies from first-hand witnesses – in short, we know a lot about him, there is not shortage in sources of information you may use. Check the facts and choose a more interesting episode, which, in your opinion, has been defining in George Washington history and its influence on the history of the USA and the world in general – it is one of the best ways to write an interesting and captivating essay on this topic even if you don’t have a lot of time.


George Washington Essay Paper Topics

Try to separate what you know about George Washington into segments, judging different aspects of his personality:

  • as a statesman;
  • as a general;
  • as a political leader;
  • as a private person;
  • and so on.


As it is usual in the case of a topic that has a lot of information sources on it, your average George Washington essay paper will only benefit if you somehow narrow the subject matter down. If you try to encompass the entire topic, you are likely to write something rather shallow, and your tutor will be unlikely to give you credit for it. If, however, you take a small part of a larger topic, you will be able to write an interesting and deep account of it within the small space of an essay.

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