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Guidelines for writing Admission Essay

Admission essays are not the major and are not the most difficult essays that have to be written by any student on the way to his diploma. But even though they might not look so important and serious at the first glance, they do make difference in many students’ lives.

One little mistake such as not paying enough attention to this essay when entering college can totally change the life and career of a person. That is why when you want to enter a particular college you need to do everything in your power to get in there, including writing the best Admission Essay you can.

In order to help you with this I will try to give you a brief list of guidelines on writing this type of papers.

  1. This is not a school essay. You need to be original and show your personality and creativity.
  2. Try to show your engagement with the college you choose and show how your skills, achievements and abilities are suitable for them.
  3. Always be specific in your paper. Provide concrete examples and try to show yourself through them.
  4. Do not forget to mention the uniqueness of the college you enter and how it is connected with your personality.
  5. Remember who your audience is. Make the essay persuasive for them and make it in such a way that they will not forget about you at once.
  6. Be positive and try to show your positive sides instead of negative ones. Do not make yourself too perfect though.
  7. When choosing a topic make sure you can stick with it till the paper is finished. No shifting to unrelated material.
  8. Try not mentioning the materials that are included into your application form. Do not write about your high test scores and GPA.
  9. Be selective in choosing your ideas. The paper has to be full of contrasts.
  10. Remember: there is no specific format for Admission Essays. You are to make it original and impressive. This is your main goal.
  11. Try not to talk about religion and your faith in the essay.
  12. Do not put all your life in this paper. You need to focus on a couple of important points and describe them in details.
  13. Avoid clich’s and overused phrases. They make you look like others and you need to show your personality instead.

I hope your Admission Essay will always stand out among the other ones and you will succeed in achieving your goal. Good Luck!!!

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