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Guidelines for writing an A-grade paper

Here are some suggestions that can improve your writing and make it an outstanding and remarkable paper that will be approved by your Professor.

First of all, before even getting to work you should think about 2 things, “what does the professor want me to write”, and the purpose of writing. Your being close to the A grade of your paper depends crucially on the way you describe your objectives. Every Professor has his/her own issues, so it is very important for you to notice them and make summaries, in order to fulfill all the requirements 100%.

Try to concentrate on the purpose of the paper and let the purpose be the leading string in your paper, in order for you or the reader not to get confused of what is your point.

Every paper must have at least 1 main point and 3-4 supportive points. This is done for your paper to be logically completed and finished. Try to open all problems concerning your topic, and do not skip any.

The best paper is the paper, which is done FOR the audience. Always remember what kind of people will be reading your paper and what particular features do they have, and write your paper according to those features.

Do not be lazy or shy to express your point of view. Every thought deserves to be heard and considered, even if it strongly contradicts to the opinions of surrounding people. You always have to remember that this is your point of view, and you can be made to change your mind, but your opinions cannot be just crossed out at all.

Always make sure that what you have written is the same as what you thought. After finishing writing the paper try to relax for about 15 minutes and then reread it in whole one more time. Or just give it to someone else for proofreading and attentively consider hisher opinion.

Please try to keep your ideas clear and focused. Make it understandable for everyone, and use terminology only where it is needed. Try to make your work sophisticated but try not to sound too smart, no one likes too smart papers because the implication of your paper will be “I am smarter then you”, and that can not be praised.

You have to finish the paper writing process only when you are completely, 100% satisfied with your work. If you won’t be satisfied with your writing, no one will be pleased with the reading.

Good luck!

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