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Guidelines for writing the best report

Okay, here you are, having an assignment for writing a report. As every normal person, you want your report to be the best, for it to be presentable, and deliberate. In order to achieve this you should try your best and follow some of our suggestions, that will significantly improve you report.

The biggest attention you should pay on the language that you use. It should be formal, but understandable. Try to use the minimal amount of terms and hard words, but make it sophisticated.

Carefully look through your report to find and get rid of all grammar and orthographical mistakes.

In a report, the most important thing is the concrete point of view. So try not to use general phrases and expressions that only confuse the reader.

The best way to present your report is to present a current problem and your ideas on how to resolve it.

Make your report logically completed, and smart. Try to base it on numbers but do not overuse statistics, as it can be really boring to read only numbers. When writing explanations, try to stress on the most important parts of your report, and of course make accent on the purpose of it.

Try to gather enough information to have what to talk about, and do not jump from topic to topic. Pay attention to every problem of your report equally, and try to open all the problems logically and in chronological order.

Try to stress on the main problems but don’t forget to mention all other things. And try to make it as detailed as possible, in order to open the topic 100%. The most popular unsatisfied reader’s comment is “The topic was not opened”, so make sure that the reader of your report won’t have this comment.

One of the most important principles of making report is to get better then the standard. So don’t reach the top and stop, try to overcome as much as possible.

Keep your ideas clear and focused. It should be developed and logically finished. Avoid too much general overviews.

Try to write a report for the reader in a way for him to understand the main part if he skips the details. When you are required to read a big pile of reports, and not all of them are so successful as yours, you get bored and skip some parts of the writing.

Always acknowledge someone’s ideas; it will not diminish your own ideas. Making other’s ideas look bad does not make your own ideas look good and vice versa.

Do not forget to mention things that are not developed by you, because it will be very awkward, if the reader knows whose ideas they really are. And you will get in trouble, and will be discredited with your own ideas.

Do not be afraid to express your own ideas and thoughts. All you have to be sure is that they are completed and right from your point of view. Even if you are proved wrong, your report won’t be discredited.

Do not exceed the amount of pages that are required, because it is not very good. Try to write the exact amount that is required.

To my guidelines, I would like to add the conclusion, that to make a great report paper, you should make a lot of efforts and desire it with all your heart.

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