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Guidelines on grading a paper

When you read someone’s paper, you read the thoughts and ideas that this person had during writing.

And it is very important to grade the writing properly. The common mistake that readers make is their grading the paper according to the personality that turned that paper in. And when doing that, the fairness of the grade is under a big question. We behave ourselves according to the society and of course we fall under the societal influence while being in class. But the paper one hands in, is the reflection of one’s true personality and character. So this is why we must grade what we have read and felt about it, and not what we have experienced in the past. We should pay attention to the style of the written paper to be sure that the paper is written by a particular, writer and not plagiarized.

The other thing you should make notice of is the grammar part. Because the grammar reflects how keen was the writer to write this paper and how much time did he spend on it. Try to pay as much attention to the words, phrases and sentences as possible. Also examine the word order and expressions used in the paper.

The main purpose of the paper should be clear and exact in order not to get in a confusion of any type. Everything is supposed to be logically grounded, simple and understandable for the reader.

The beginning of the paper must have at least 4 general statements. But then it is supposed to get more concrete. When you read the paper you should draw the outline in your mind, to make sure that this paper was planned and then written, otherwise the outline will be either too simple or too difficult to picture.

Speaking in general, the gist of the paper should have sense and a particular opinion must be written, properly supported and presented. While writing a paper people use to have one common mistake – they unconsciously retell the story mentioned in the source or in the requirements. If this happens correct the writer who made such a mistake and make a proper mark for him.

I hope that with the help of these directions, you will be able to grade papers properly and fair.

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