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4 Key Issues to Diversify Your Health Essay

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If you’re putting efforts into writing a health essay, then, of course, you want people to take some time to read it. In order to attract attention to your essay, it’s important to make sure you have chosen a topic that will interest a wide range of people. Once you have that engaging topic, you can create a health essay that will inform and interest readers.

Here are some popular health topics that will generate interest. There are plenty of resources concerning these topics for research as well.

1. Immunotherapies

This type of cancer treatment has been attracting an increased amount of interest over the last few years. There are several types of immunotherapy treatments, all with the intended effect of heightening the body’s immune system to target existing cancer cells. Proponents of this cancer treatment claim that it is capable of stopping the growth and spread of cancerous cells by helping the immune system target them.

Although a lot of hopeful talk surrounds immunotherapies, there is still a lot of research to be done on its actual effectiveness in stopping the spread of cancer in the body. People want to know: does it work? Thus, this is something your health essay could address.

2. Internet and Electronics Usage and Personal Health

With the widespread use of smartphones and technology, we have seen a fundamental change in how individuals live their lives over the past twenty years. People all over the world, especially families raising small children in a society besieged by technology, want to know what effects a frequent cell phone usage has on mental and physical health.

Some studies suggest an increase in anxiety and depression when there is high engagement with smartphones. Others suggest there is little evidence of this. There is also an ever-evolving question of what constitutes Internet addiction.

3. Sugar Avoidance

News outlets have been churning out a story after a story these years about the health benefits of cutting sugar out of people’s lives. Many claim it has previously unexplored negative effects on the body. Some health professionals have proposed that removing sugar from your diet could potentially help with certain cases of depression.

Although there are certainly many research studies about the effects of sugar on physical health, the possible effects on mood is a relatively new and popular area of research. This is a topic that will have many different areas of study, and will gather a lot of interest from those looking for information about their personal health.

4. Mindfulness

Mindfulness has been a popular topic in regards to meditation and exercise for quite a few years now, but recently scientific researchers have begun to delve into the possible immediate health benefits it can have on our body and mind. The research has generated rapidly and there is still a lot that can be contributed to this area of study.

Meditation that incorporates mindfulness is suggested to improve certain biological functions as well as reduce some stress, which always takes a heavy impact on individual health. There are studies that also claim that this practice can help with depression and other psychological disorders.

All of these topics are currently debated; they are putting out a significant amount of scientific research. By including these topics in your essay, you will contribute to a global dialogue on health issues as they develop.

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