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Health Is Wealth Essay Sample


Nowadays, health is the most important thing in people’s lives. It is said that the health is the item that you will not buy for any cost. In this sample article, we are going to disclose this particular issue to help you understand how to craft a strong paper on a health issue.

There are more human beings on this planet than ever before, and life expectancy rates have increased thanks to scientific advancements. Across the globe, an immense amount of money is poured into health, both through the government and out of individual wallets. The increased awareness of financial costs associated with health care has made health as wealth apparent. Health problems are a major financial blow and being healthy saves money for everyone.

Healthcare programs that work to prevent disease and educate on preventative health are already believed to save the country billions on health care. Widespread implementation of health intervention programs for chronic conditions is estimated to reduce overall healthcare costs by up to $45 billion a year (Saunders 2010). These numbers make the reality of personal health as a form of wealth more pronounced.

Money is associated with personal longevity and lifestyle choices as well. The British medical journal The Lancet recently published a study that has found that rich people live around 15 years longer than those in poverty, and this gap is only continuing to widen (Glenza 2017). Inability to put money in health also exacerbates the effects of poverty, making it even more difficult to make healthy lifestyle choices. Data shows that payments to healthcare costs associated with poor health can cripple a household’s economic status (Rashad 2015). Health and wealth are inextricably linked.

There are healthy lifestyle choices that could save you some money. The Journal of the American Heart Association published findings that regular exercising could save an individual up to $2500 a year on healthcare costs (Reynolds 2016). This includes payments related to prescriptions, doctor appointments, and emergency room visits. Thus, taking the time to work on your health pays off and helps increase your personal wealth.

Exercise alone is not enough to influence your health and finances, however. Nutrition and what you are putting into your body matters a lot as well. Although many associate eating healthy with spending more money, there are also foods to avoid that cut costs, as well as the realization that if you eat healthy food, it saves you money in the end – if not immediately. Some healthy diets are simple and cost little, such as avoiding sugar, cutting out bread, and avoiding salt-heavy food (Renton 2015). Small steps like these make improving wealth based on health easier.

The influences on overall wealth by working to prevent health problems is staggering. Providing elderlies with the daily aspirin, assisting patients with smoking cessation and helping those who suffer from alcohol abuse has the outcome of saving millions of lives and $4 billion every single year (Currie 2010). The idea of health as a worthwhile investment is clear when you see the economic results. When money was dedicated to improving health care resources in rural America, it created 4,888 non-healthcare jobs and an economic boost of $875 million (Fryer 2006). Treating health can even boost the local economy.

The research results of numerous studies happening all over the globe are reaching the same conclusions. Health and wealth are directly related. Those who put efforts into being healthy save money in the end, those without health struggle to accumulate and maintain wealth, and wealth put into healthcare, boosting the quality of overall health, as well as produces money.


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