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How to write a good-structured report

A report is a brief and specific summary of a research made on a topic, which can be an enterprise a small business an industry or whatever else needs to be reported. Being mostly needed for companies to know about different aspects of company’s interests reports directly interact with practice and may involve the research on any specific issue. In academic sense reports are the practical assignments for students that give them a chance to see how the theoretical knowledge that they gained in college works in practice. This kind of work may be great aid for students in their future careers because they help get practical skills while still studying. This article may help students make good professional reports and structure them in the proper way.

Reports are written in different fields but no matter what kind of report it is, it has to be structured and carefully planned. Of course there are always exceptions and any University or professor can have his specific details on structuring reports but in most cases all reports include:

Title page

It should contain the concrete topic, student’s name, ID, college name, course, date.


Brief outline of the report and its content. It gives the reader an ability to quickly understand what the report is all about and how it can be used.

Abstract or Summary

The most informative part of a report that includes the main ideas of the report, the conclusions made after writing and the adjustments recommended by author. It has to be written when the report is already done.


Has to include the objectives of the report and the general background for writing report.


The information about gathering data and making research has to be included here. The sources have to be specific and proved to be reliable.

Results of findings

The best way to provide large amounts of information in reports is through visual aids such as: charts, graphs, diagrams, pictures etc.


Involves analyzing of the gathered information, outlining the most important issues and explaining their significance.


The part of the report that summarizes everything described in the body of a report and provides the recommendations regarding any problems found during research process.


References have to be listed in alphabetical order; data about every source has to be included (name of a book, author, data, and publisher).


The materials somehow related to the report have to be included in this section.

A good structured report also should be written in professional language, formal font (size 10-12), and be as easy to comprehend as possible.

Always remember that report is not an essay and it should not include the thoughts and ideas not closely related to the topic. It has to be entirely devoted to the required subject and be good enough for anyone who has to read it. The reader won’t need much time to browse through the chaotic structure that makes it confusing to understand.

These guidelines may be helpful in writing your report and make it well structured and “user friendly”. Good luck in writing great REPORTS!!!

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