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How to Write Neo Conventional Family Definition Essay?

how to write a family essaySo, you’re given the task to create a neo conventional family definition essay and you need something to start your assignment with. An idea. A fact. A concept… Before you dive into the never-ending process of thinking and pondering over the topic, it is important to mention that neo conventional family is something everyone is talking about these days but can hardly in everyday life.

Using the simple tips provided below you will be able to create a well-researched and professionally composed assignment, and, what is more, make it clear what the neo conventional family is.

Start your project with a well-planned research. Internet is there for you 24/7. Surf it as long as you wish (mind the deadline!) to find enough details on the issues you need to cover.

When you’re forearmed with tons of related information, it’s time to start writing. First and foremost thing you need to mention is the work done by Chester. He is the one who used the term “neo conventional family” for the first time in the debates between his supporters and all the representatives of post modernism, who argued that the life of modern family was undergoing diversification.

When dealing with the main part of the essay, it is highly important to mention that nowadays our life is not dominated by only one (traditional) type of a family because modern society is rapidly transforming. Make certain to provide a separate paragraph to describe the new family types (families with single parent, same sex couples, people who live alone, cohabiting couples, etc.). People nowadays have an opportunity to “pick” the type of the family that their lifestyles best in a particular period of life. Do you feel supportive about such “variety”? If yes (no), make sure to back up your viewpoint with reasonable arguments.

In case you’re on the same side as Chester, feel free to mention that he argued that family lifestyle has hardly changed and the nuclear family is the basic “norm” at the moment, except that ladies nowadays have well-paid jobs combined with their roles of housewives and mothers. Thus, men are engaged in house-keeping and focus on childcare more than society was ever used to. This is what Chester presented as the neo conventional family.

When concluding your project, make a short statement of the key points you described within the essay and be sure to express your own opinion on whether you find neo conventional family the most suitable style of living or not.

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