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Look Before You Leap. The Importance of Order Details

freelance academic writersToo eager to get the so-much-desired order, lots of freelancers forget to clarify order details and then either rack their brains, exchange endless messages with a customer, or abandon the order all together. The result is disappointing all together: reputation spoiled, time wasted, money lost.

In our previous post we talked about the importance of a powerful pitch to hook the client. So, now, when you’ve attracted him, it’s time to have it all in black and white:

  • order requirements;
  • deadline;
  • reference style;
  • reading list;
  • etc.

The “we’ll sort it all out on the go” is fraught with the growing number of problems, disputes and dissatisfaction. You need to lay the ground right after the customer chooses your bid and assigns you as a writer.

Three most difficult-to-follow and mind-blowing tips

1. Be Selective When Choosing the Projects.

Your fail story usually starts when you’re looking through the order feed, and bid for all the orders you see. It’s WRONG! Whenever you’re about to click the Bid button, ask yourself: can I realistically meet this client’s needs and give them a great content product?If in the heart of hearts you get the negative answer, better scroll over and get a more promising opportunity rather than waste your time on some dead-end case.

2. Ask/Request/Demand/Inquire and Do Whatever It Takes to Know All Order Specifications.

Communicate the importance of these details to the customer. Exercise the “No details – no order” approach. Even if the customer lets you do whatever you want, ask for his criteria of a good paper. You need the base for your paper, the lighthouse, the coordinates, the criteria. Why? Because in the end it’s customer’s turn to assess the paper and either pay or not. And you need to have the proof that your paper meets the set requirements.

3. Be Ready to Reject the Project.

No matter how desperate you are to get the project, be realistic! If it turns out that you:

  • lack the requested experience;
  • can’t get all order details from the customer;
  • find it extremely hard to find the common ground with the customer;
  • discover the project lacks some consistency;
  • feel pessimistic about reaching deadlines.

Pluck up all your courage and reject the project. If possible, advise the customer a fellow academic writer at ThePensters, who you feel will cope well with the task. In this case you’ll get the 3-way “win-win-win”: you are ready for a new writing challenge, your customer leaves with a nice impression of you finds the writer and your fellow freelance writer appreciates your care.

Doubt this will work? We challenge you to try these provocative tips and let us know your career improvements!

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