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The Key Purpose of Research Paper on Deforestation

Research papers are one of the most common assignments college students have to tackle. And, it is important to understand the purpose of research paper before writing it. A research paper often targets some of the most problematic trends in the world. Today, with climate change, one of the biggest issues facing the planet, deforestation takes on a larger significance. Here is an outline of the key aims of a research paper on deforestation.


Understanding the Concept

The first aim of a research paper is to describe the general concept or idea to its audience. The first thing the research paper on deforestation will aim at is defining what it is as well as why it is important. Here, the paper will explain what deforestation means in the large and small scale, the extent of the problem, why it is considered an urgent problem, and what would happen if a solution would be found.

The Scope

The second aim of a research paper on deforestation would be to define the scope of the problem. Depending on the initial objectives, the research paper will have to outline just how serious the issue is today, and why things have changed, especially during the past few years. It will look at economic activity, culture and social pressures, and how these play into or facilitate the continued growth of deforestation. Further, the paper will investigate how much forest cover is available in different parts of the world.

The Solutions

There are various ways through which the problem of deforestation can be solved. There are reasons why each one is effective, and why some might not be appropriate for different regions. One possible objective of a research paper on deforestation would be to find out what the rest of the world is doing about the problem, how people in different locations have attempted to solve the issue as well as how it is working for them. This section might also look into the advantages, disadvantages, and long-term effects of the solutions found.

The People

Deforestation is a human problem, most of the loss of tree and forest cover happens because of human influence and activities. These activities are, in the long run, determined by attitudes and beliefs that people have about the forests around them. It might be useful to conduct research on the perspectives and points of view of people, especially those living in areas most affected by deforestation as well as on the subject of deforestation and forest preservation.

Effects of Deforestation

Most of the time, people do not realize the effects of deforestation until it is too late. It takes such research to show populations prone to deforestation the longer-term effects that their actions are going to result into. One of the objectives of such a research paper might be to illustrate the effects of deforestation both in the short and long term.

In the end, the direction, usefulness, and effectiveness of the research paper will be determined by how well the objectives are formulated, how well they are fulfilled, and how useful the paper is for the target audience.

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