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7 Ideas to Make Some Extra Cash in a Student Way!

money for studentsLack of ready cash is and has always been one of the most obvious problems students encounter in everyday life. Even if your parents are helping you out, or if you feel there is little to no time left to do any work after you deal with your studies, there are still ways to make a few extra bucks to make things a bit easier.

1. Sell Things You Don’t Need

Be honest with yourself: you have a lot of things in your dorm and back home that you don’t use, don’t need and most likely will never touch again except when moving them around looking for something actually useful but lost under all this stuff. So, you may kill two birds with one stone: declutter your life and get some extra cash. Just head out to Craigslist or eBay, and you can do it without any fuss.

2. Freelance

Freelancing is easier today than ever – you can work and earn money whenever you have free time without leaving your room. So, if you are good with words, have some graphic design skills, know a foreign language, know your way around video or photo editing or have any sellable skills at all, feel free to try your luck at places like Upwork.

3. Get a Job on Campus

Why look elsewhere when a job may await you right where you are? Many colleges have bulletin boards detailing job offers specifically tailored to suit students, especially in terms of flexible schedules, like tutoring. Not the most exciting way to earn money, but it will get a few extra bucks into your wallet and some entries into your resume.

4. Sell Body Parts

The first four Google autofill results for “I want to sell my” are “hair”, “eggs”, “blood” and “kidney”. Although you should probably draw a line at kidneys, there’re other body parts you can readily part with. There is a huge demand for blood, plasma, sperm and hair – most of which can be donated repeatedly for a regular boost to your earnings.

5. Help out Other Students

There are always students who need money less than you – why not take it from them by assisting them in their studies? We don’t suggest that you should write papers for others, but proofreading and editing them, compiling study guides and tutoring your fellow students for a reasonable price is completely alright.

6. Become an Intern

If you are lucky enough to find a paid internship, you will do much more than simply find a source of income – you will get some experience in the industry you are going to join and an entry in your resume.

7. Become a Study Subject

If you college carries out a lot of research you are certain to encounter opportunities to take part in studies, be they medical, psychological, sociological or any other. If you are not so lucky, try out corporate studies – they also may be a source of income.

As you may see, if you are ingenious enough there are a lot of ways to earn some extra money without wasting a great deal of time – and we wish you luck in doing so!

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