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Management Report Example

Management report example can be defined as a specified formal written document that adjacent a business institution profit, as well as, loss rates. Normally, the idea behind any report is to outline how the company performed, as well as, define what issues it faced throughout the years. Management reports mostly divide institutional profits and losses by divisions, customers, products/services and geographic location. Management report example is normally conducted by middle managers who acquire their data from all kinds of systems, including computers, other reports, and financial statements. Management reports are generally conducted by private companies, though public organizations are also known to produce such type of reports for the exact same reason.

businessManagement Report for Microsoft Corporation

1. Company Progress Summary

Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System is generally considered to be a successful investment of time and resources due to the fact that it surpassed sales expectations, as well as, consumer satisfaction rate. Clearly, by the end of the development cycle, the company faced mixed opinions from the public sector regarding the new “Start” button within the system. However, despite critical implications, the end result was more than satisfying, both for consumers and Microsoft alike.

1.1 Milestones

During the development process of the new operating system, the company reached all milestones in time and offered a high quality product by the end. The following table represents all critical achievements the team met during project development.

Table 1

Milestone Baseline Date Target Date Impact of achievement
Create UI design 8.02.2015 10.02.2015 Development of the User Interface (UI) progressed the work due to the fact that coders were able to adapt system libraries.
Program system library 19.03.2015 20.03.2015 Development of system libraries enabled the sound department to fully implement and adjust all critical system signals
Firewall Implementation 20.05.2015 25.05.2015 In-time development of firewall system fully removed the necessity to develop a specific security mechanism within the browser

2. Budget

Funding Sources

The following table represents a brief list of financial income and expenses made during the development process of the new operating system.

Table 2

Source of funding Funded Spent
Stakeholders $ 2 500 000 $ 2 000 000
Governmental funding $ 500 000 $ 500 000
Shareholders $ 600 000 $ 500 000
Total project funding $ 3 600 000 $ 3 000 000


The whole development process featured several unexpected expenses since the team that was responsible for debugging lacked proper equipment. Furthermore, the marketing campaign had to be revised several times due to development shifts made by the team during the development cycle. Another massive unexpected expense was made by the logistic department. All other expenses went on development process as noted in project funding.

4. Recommendations

In order to reduce future unexpected expenses, it would be beneficial to develop a training program that would address issues such as personal time management, debugging speed, and coding efficiency. Moreover, it is of utmost importance to develop a dedicated debugging department since it was the core reason of additional expenses.


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