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MBA Thesis Topics: Get the Fresh Ideas!

mba thesis topicsThe majority of academic programs offering Master’s Degree in MBA require students to cope with a long thesis needed to present a new research on an issue related to the business management. MBA thesis may be based on a global issue or focused on the tiny, very specific area. When searching for the MBA thesis topics, make sure to consider the ones provided below.


1) Biofuel Companies and Crude Oil Prices

One of the most significant problems that infect companies that specialize in biofuels production is the conventional fuels prices rise and fall. In general, if the conventional fuels prices are at the lower level than the one of the alternative fuels, the industry of the alternative fuel obtains little business. On the other hand, if the price of crude spikes, both consumers and investors are willing to put their finances into the alternative fuel corporations that can provide the same kind of the product with moderate price. In your MBA thesis you have an opportunity to study how the price of crude influences the investment and income received by the alternative fuel corporations and how it will affect the nascent industry future.


2) Strategies of Multilingual Management

We live in a globalized world. That is the reason why a lot of companies possess workforces that are more than just multiethnic – they also have employees, who speak different languages. This is pretty challenging for the managers, who are now faced with the necessity to keep in touch with their co-workers using the language they themselves can hardly say a word from. While computer and human translations do not provide enough help, the majority of management strategies claim the importance of direct communication between the employees. By means of the MBA thesis one can investigate various strategies that companies make use of nowadays in order to remove all the language barriers.


3) Dot-Coms Culture and Productivity

The Dot-Coms rise in the 1990s provided a brand-new approach to the culture of the company. A lot of web start-ups created a special environment, which is spiritually closer to the college dorms, encouraging workers to choose casual dresses, and having fun in the office with football tables and water gun. A lot of managers from the younger generation run these companies and truly believe that entertaining atmosphere will inspire employees and make them more productive. Make certain to use your MBA thesis to prove or refute this theory.

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