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Half-Way Through: How to Make Your Vacation Memorable

memorable vacationsThe most valuable things you bring from your vacation are not souvenirs or photos, but memories and impressions. And in order to maximize the output of both, you should do your best and make your holidays memorable without expecting them to become so on their own. Here are some tips on how you can do it, even if, as expected for a student, you don’t have a lot of money.


Go Where You Want to Go

Don’t pay attention to what others say. Don’t feel obliged to follow the opinions of the majority and spend your vacation in the most talked-about places. On the one hand, your own interests may lie in a completely different place; on the other hand, well-advertised places are usually more expensive. So why not be a little bit braver, use your imagination and go someplace you will actually enjoy being in?


But Don’t Go Blindly

It is astounding that many people go on vacation without bothering to find out even the most basic details about the place they are heading to. Which is even more astonishing if you take into consideration the fact that information has never been as readily accessible as it is today. All you have to do is open Google and spend a little time reading about the country, its cities, culture, customs, places to visit, things not to do and so on. As a result you will not only be more at home there when you get to your destination, but also, with a little luck, save some money or avoid doing something that may get you in trouble.


Plan in Advance

Okay, you are not on a business trip, so it is not necessary to plan your every step. But it really helps to create some guidelines for yourself before you set out: book your hotel, tickets and transportation within the country in advance, plan for places to visit at this or that day and so on. It is much better than to arrive in a foreign country having no idea what you are going to do – for starters, you won’t have to spend your precious vacation time trying to find something interesting to do. In addition to that, by looking into these matters beforehand you will be able to find cheaper alternatives to hotels, car rentals and suchlike which is always helpful when you have limited budget.


Live There

For a lot of people going on vacation is like going on an exhibition: they make photos of themselves near interesting buildings, look at monuments, listen to guides. But in general, no matter where you go, it will feel mostly the same.

The best way to make your vacation special is to try and actually live in the place for a little bit, instead of just watching. Mingle with the locals, strike conversations with them, visit places they go to, eat local food – all this will provide far more unforgettable impressions than a hundred museums.

So use these tips and may your vacation be a happy one!

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