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Michael Jordan Research Essay

michael jordan essayIf you are a true fan ever and you’re assigned with the task to create a solid research essay on the person you admire, Michael Jordan will be the perfect individual to perform a research on.

The research essay includes all the basic sections that any other essay is supposed to have. An introduction, the body and the paragraph with your conclusions should be provided within the essay. College and university students face research essay writing tasks very often, so it will be of no surprise to you when we say that the best way to start your essay is to provide a particular hooking fact about the topic. As for Michael Jordan, it is recommended to start the essay with an interesting fact from the basketball player’s life. Why not mention that Michael Jordan was once mentioned in the film “Like Mike”? The plot of the movie is based on the life of a boy who gets a pair of old basketball shoes that belonged to Michael, and of course (as it usually happens in the Hollywood masterpieces) in some magical  way the boy starts playing the game just the way Jordan does!

When writing the body of the essay, it is recommended to focus on some unknown details taken from the Michael Jordan’s life. Make sure to tell your reader how such a fearless and talented man had to struggle with his own fears from his early childhood years. The point is that one of the things Michael Jordan has taken from the past is his fear of water. As a little kid, Michael had his close friend drown and die right in Jordan’s presence, and, what is more, the famous sportsman almost drowned himself when he was eleven years old, at a baseball camp. As a result, nowadays Michael Jordan remembers all his childhood experiences and is not too keen on swimming.

Depending on the topic you will choose for the essay, provide interesting facts about the early years of Jordan’s career, his family and hobbies. Talking about the favorite leisure the basketball player gives prefers, the author of the essay should mention that MJ is a great mellow music and jazz fan. He used to spend his free hours listening to his favorite Anita Baker, Rachelle Ferrell, and Erykah Badu.

Conduct a little research on how Michael took the path of a talented sportsman. Create a list of the points that, in your opinion, were essential for Jordan’s success.

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