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25 Words and Phrases Your Academic Writing Can’t Do Without

academic words cloudA secret to writing successful academic papers lies not just in following the structure, but also in the use of specific academic language. It means that you need to arm yourself with a number of words and phrases that will make your papers sound more powerful and professional. The presence of certain words in your text might significantly improve the professor’s impression of it. Below there is a list of 25 words that may be especially helpful.

  1. Evidence — facts that serve as a proof to one’s argument.
    There is evidence supporting the fact that the use of “power words” in the essay improves one’s grade.
  2. Variable — something which does not have a fixed value or pattern and is likely to change.
    The speed of sound has a variable value which depends on the environment.
  3. Premise — the main statement which serves as the basis for another one which derives from it.
    The main premise behind this conclusion is that all people have two main drives, libido and mortido.
  4. Implication — an indirect conclusion.
    The implication is that every human being has an urge to create and to destroy.
  5. Approach — a way in which one deals with the problem.
    I have used several approaches to solving a particular problem.
  6. Having said that — a phrase that precedes a statement that will contradict the previous one.
    Professors tend to be strict to students and are supposed to assess them in an objective way. Having said that there is always a subjective factor that comes into play.
  7. In order to — a phrase that precedes a statement which means purpose for an action.
    In order to pick some apples from a tree, we got a ladder.
  8. Provided that — it is used to signify the condition, synonymous to “if” and “on the condition that”.
    Provided that the statement is true, we were correct in the first place.
  9. Not only… but also — a correlative conjunction; it is used to list two pieces of information, of which the latter often comes as something quite unexpected.
    Not only did he play video games, but he also participated in tournaments.
  10. To put it another way — synonymous to “in other words”; it is used when you give an explanation.
    He is an introvert. To put it another way, he enjoys spending time alone and quickly gets tired of people.
  11. Nonetheless — synonymous to “nevertheless”, “however”, “despite this”.
    They did not find what they were looking for, but they nonetheless made a great discovery.
  12. Furthermore — this word is used to present some additional information.
    Furthermore, they have developed a reflex to hide whenever they hear a click.
  13. Nevertheless — synonymous to “nonetheless”, “however”, “despite this”.
    They did not find what they were looking for, but the discovery was a significant one nevertheless.
  14. Assume — to consider something true without the need to prove it.
    Let us assume that the onset of his condition was five years ago.
  15. Occur — in other words, “to take place”.
    The mistake occurred during the calculations.
  16. Demonstrate — to show or display.
    His behavior demonstrates the tendency to avoid direct communication.
  17. Conclude — to finish, come to an end, summarize.
    Enough data was collected; it was time to conclude the study.
  18. Consistent — not contradictory, or unchangeable through time.
    The results were consistent with the results of the previous study.
  19. Produce — to cause something to happen.
    The change of method produced entirely different results.
  20. Emphasize — to put something into focus, stress on something.
    The researchers emphasized the importance of a larger sample for this kind of studies.
  21. Notably — synonymous to “in particular” or “significantly”.
    This trend is present in the entire population, notably in young adults.
  22. Significantly — synonymous to “notably”, is used to add importance to the statement.
    Significantly, they have decided to cut the budget but keep the employee salaries.
  23. Importantly — synonymous to “significantly”.
    Importantly, the employees displayed a significant increase in loyalty to the company.
  24. Compelling — synonymous to “captivating”, “irresistible”, “persuasive”.
    Use of power words is likely to make your essay more compelling.
  25. Major — synonymous to “significant”, “important”.
    A major advantage in our situation is that we have access to prominent databases of scholarly journals.

These are the words that will surely make your academic writing more professional. Just enrich your paper vocabulary and that will significantly improve your grades!

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