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Personal Education of a Freelance Writer

“Nature knows no pause in progress and development, and attaches her curse on all inaction.”
Johann Wolfgang Goethe

We are shaped by what we do. And if we do nothing we remind of a formless substance, not able to create and perform. Writing is the area where you have no right to stay in one place. If you want to be always in demand, be productive and interesting, you’ve got to learn, develop and create.

That’s why today we will offer you several ways for self-development. They are free, convenient and enjoyable.

1. Online courses

Free, professional, informative, and convenient. Online courses provided by great college professors is a marvelous opportunity to get to know some new people, develop new skills, learn new facts and get updated altogether. Enroll to the course you are interested not necessarily because of work, but because you feel internal the irrevocable desire to explore the subject.

2. Reading

The more you read, the more you develop. The more types of reading you indulge yourself into, the more aware you are in different spheres. Thus, make sure that your reading list includes something from:

  • Fiction. Classics will always be classics. Do read it and appreciate it.
  • News. It’s important to be aware of the most important changes in the world and not only aware, but also be able to analyze and keep track of.
  • Blogs of opinion leaders. It’s a must for professional development, growth and contacts. Socialize.
  • For fun. Who doesn’t need to relax? So, do read something meaningless, some rumors, jokes.

3. Keep calm and run

Or do some other activities. Remember Aristotle walking during his lectures? He knew for sure that physical activity stimulates brain impulses. (If you doubt, look at his writings.)

4. Communicate

It’s more common for women, yet works wonderfully for men as well: during conversations you can get even the most complicated and next-to-impossible-to-solve situations. Focusing on something else, you will get the answer in the moment you least expected. It happens quite often, so don’t miss the chance.

5. Relax

No way you can produce nice writing if you don’t feel relaxed and full of energy. Sooner or later we all deflate and get terribly exhausted. Thus you need to feel the moment when you are about to give up and let yourself slow down and relax the way you want.

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