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Personalized Approach to Writing a Personal Essay

how to write a personal essayIf you haven’t been given an assignment to write this kind of essay yet, then you have a perfect opportunity to learn how to do it without your grade depending on the quality of your work. All in all, in a personal essay you are supposed to express your point of view on a particular subject or topic, usually adding some facts or examples from your own experience to the mix, thus providing a personal touch to the topic in question. As the very name of this task presupposes, it leaves a lot of decisions to you – it should first of all characterize you, your views, you attitude towards life and its different aspects and so on. It isn’t necessary to express these views as such in a manifesto, but they should be understood from the way you talk about things.

Writing an Essay on Dementia

It is, of course, a rather difficult topic to write on; even a painful one, in case you know people suffering from dementia personally, say, a family member diagnosed with one of its subtypes. However, at the same time it allows for a great emotional depth of your essay – you may tell about this particular person, what he or she was like before becoming afflicted with this condition and how it changed his/her life and the lives of those around. The important thing about personal essays is that they are supposed to support a particular point, either directly or indirectly. You shouldn’t simply recount some experience or create a certain mood – you should put some greater meaning in it. For example, when you write an essay on dementia, you may concentrate your attention on this problem as not simply medical but a social one – it is expected that the number of people suffering from dementia due to different causes will only rise in the future, and its impact on the humankind as a whole will become more and more noticeable.

Preparation Stage: Reading Personal Essay Examples

It is, however, often said that no amount of theory will do you any good without at least a little bit of practice. The best practice, under the circumstances, will be to sit down and actually write an essay on the required topic. But if you have no idea how to approach the task, the second best decision is to surf the Internet for a couple of personal essay examples you may study before trying to pull this trick yourself. The good thing about this approach is that you may study any number of them before setting about to work – and it will let you see all the different ways in which you may approach this task. Personal essays wouldn’t be personal if they didn’t depend very much upon the individuality of the one who writes them – which, in other words, means that you may write them in a number of ways that have very little in common among them. And studying the work of different people may lead you to your own way of writing them.

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