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How to Write Persuasive Essay on Global Warming: Suggestions, Solutions & Warnings

global warming on the EarthSo, you’re assigned with a task to produce a persuasive essay on global warming. You shouldn’t be afraid of the assignment for the reason that you have to deal with one of the most challenging issues in the world environmental sciences. It means there’s a lot to say and you definitely will have a lot to write about!

With global warming come the climate changes, more intense and long-lasting storms, devastated ecosystems and health threats. In order to persuade the global political leaders to implement the required policies to prevent the further damage caused by the global warming, consider these simple recommendations and ideas.

Policy Number One

Make sure to mention the energy conservation policy that, as you believe, should be put into effect. The policy would be broad enough involving as many energy usage aspects as possible.

Policy Number Two

Proceed to the second suggestion that lies in forcing the automobile manufacturers to provide only products with high MPG rates and then produce the brand-new cars that do not work on the basis of gasoline only. Try to explain within the essay that such inventions will be a giant step towards increasing the effectiveness of vehicles and, moreover, it will 100% pave the way to the world that doesn’t rely on gasoline. As a result this will allow for less carbon dioxide emissions from the automobiles we all make use of as our basic means of transportation.

Policy Number Three

The next policy to be suggested in a persuasive essay on global warming is that special technology should be created in order to make all the appliances functioning efficiently – from kitchen stoves and refrigerators to lamps and game equipment. Any device we make use of uses energy in some form, way or shape. Industrial and even residential equipment need a lot of energy to properly function, thus contributing greatly to the air pollution.

Offer an interesting idea for the world manufacturers to work in accordance with the strictest guidelines of efficient energy usage. This in turn will save the users money and minimize the waste of energy and energy sources. As a result, less air pollution will be guaranteed.

Policy Number Four

The last idea for you to think about in your essay of persuasive type is based on the recycling. Make a suggestion that all packaging should be recyclable and that it should be created on the basis of recycled materials. Thus, the energy will be saved, our natural resources will be conserved, the water and air pollution reduced. Make sure to note that in order to make your policy successful, all the consumers and businesses must take an active part in the offered program. To say more, the “reuse, reduce, recycle” policy will provide the humankind with an opportunity to reduce the energy amount used in the process. And by decreasing the energy usage without harming the industry this policy will effectively battle the global warming itself.

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