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Persuasive Essay on School Uniforms: Why You Shouldn’t Wear One

persuasive essay on school uniformsThere is a loud discussion about school uniforms in every country on Earth. Do they increase academic tests scores? Do they help with the school behavior troubles? These questions are an ongoing debate all over the world. Once you’re assigned with the task to produce an essay on the school uniforms pros and cons, first thing you’re required to do is to take a solid position. Make sure to have your own view point on the subject. Let’s imagine that you do not want school uniform and thus, you will present all the arguments against wearing the uniforms at high schools.

Writing School Uniforms Essay: Reasons to Ban Them

A lot of psychologists are arguing about school uniforms and about whether they are appropriate. Make sure to perform a thorough research on the works of the authors, who keep to the same viewpoint as you do. Point out the basic “cons” discussed by the psychologists and sociologists. First of all, a lot of them are 100% sure that school uniform takes away high schools students’ individuality. Being not like everyone else, having unique hair and clothes style, putting on ‘en vogue’ accessories – this is what makes a teenager a complete individual. Being a part of the same-color crowd could be even depressing.

Taking into consideration the fact that in some parts of the country people have low income, not every student will have an opportunity to buy a school uniform. Thus, before the school board members put into action a uniform policy they should take into account the area, where the school is located, the population economic level and the income of the students’ families.

A lot of psychologists researching the school uniforms pros and cons talk about whether high school uniform increase academic tests scores or decrease behavior problems. A study performed by the representatives of the University of Alabama showed that school uniforms never lead to particular improvement within the areas mentioned above. According to their words, students’ uniforms have never been significantly related to any changes in academic life. To say more, the students in high school uniform never showed notably different preparedness in class in comparison to the other students.

Persuasive Essay on School Uniforms: Sum Up Your Investigations

When working on the school uniforms essay, make sure your project has a solid structure. The introduction, the body of the essay and summarization are a must! When ending up your research, make sure to sum up everything you’ve succeeded to produce by an inspiring conclusion. State clearly that high schools should build up a solid environment that will encourage teens and motivate them to develop self-confidence. Feel free to openly state that school uniforms reduce self-expressions and diminish inner creativity.

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