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How to Write the Essay on “Ways to Quit Smoking”?

persuasive speech on smokingWhether you’re assigned with the task to complete a speech about smoking or your task is to produce a persuasive speech on smoking, you should start your project with a thorough research to make sure you’re aware of everything related to the topic. Medical literature is probably the number one source to start your investigation from. There are many various to give up smoking once and for good. Some specialists recommend using different pharmacological products in order to get rid of nicotine-addiction, while the others are absolutely sure that all a needy smoker is in need of is just a good support group and a professional counselor handling the organized program.

In the process of your research on essay or persuasive speech on smoking, you will most likely find out that there is a certain study, which says this way works better than the other. Then you just turn the next page and see that there is another way to quit smoking and it’s better than all what you knew before. As you see, it’s a never-ending story. As an alternative, you may dedicate your paper to putting together a special quit smoking program, which can be applied by the others.


“Ways to Quit Smoking” Essay: Write a Hooking Introduction!

There are more than 4000 (!) health-damaging elements in tobacco. The element that makes a human being addicted to smoking is nicotine. Just a drop of information for you to include into the assignment! The thing is that the first two or three lines are the most crucial for they will either attract your readers or make them put the project aside for good. Make sure to start your paper with a hooking open theme to make sure your audience will be longing for more once they’re done with the intro.


Writing an Essay or a Speech About Smoking: Successful Quit-Smoking Plan

Once you decide to work out a booming quit smoking program, make sure to include the following elements in your essay:

  • Pharmacological products appropriate use. Those, who are severely addicted to the cigarettes, could consider using nicotine-replacement elements so that the body could gradually get rid of nicotine-addiction. Make sure to recommend your audience to consult their doctors before using the drugs.


  • One-to-one counseling. It is highly important to point out that qualified support helps smokers to identify their aims. Moreover, in the moments of weakness, a professional counselor will help to prevent relapse. Consider telephone counseling, one-to-one counseling, group support, internet programs for smokers, etc.


  • Measure & Record. Suggest your readers an idea to take a black-and-white look at how much they actually smoke, how much $ they pay each months (day, week, etc.) for their addiction and how much money they could actually save.


  • Improve Your Knowledge. Tell your readers to read the science, converse with the experienced experts in order to make 100% sure how smoking ruins their health and the health of the people around. Being aware of how the others have tackled life-saving challenge will give courage to those, who are still fighting the addiction!

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