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5 Places to Write a Perfect Text

writing spaceInspiration is an important thing in just about everything we do, but especially in writing – anybody who has ever experienced a writer’s block would agree. However, waiting for inspiration isn’t always viable, sometimes it has to be nudged a little bit – and finding a correct place to write is one of the best things to do it. So, what are the places that are widely accepted as the most nourishing for your creativity?

1. Your Room

The most boring solution is often the most effective one. Your own room is an ideal place for writing because it is fully under your control (barring unfortunate situations when you have to share you living space with someone noisy, chaotic and otherwise disruptive towards your creative ventures). You may arrange it any way you want, you may place things on your worktable exactly in the way you like it, you may block the sounds of outside world completely. It all depends on the person, however. Some people are physically incapable of writing and even thinking about writing when there are voices, sounds and activity around. For those the serenity of their own homes will be ideal place to write. For those who thrive on all this – not so much.

2. Park or Botanical Garden

Sometimes a change of scenery can give your inspiration that much needed jolt you’ve been looking for. Going to a park allows you to choose places at will, depending on your preferences – it may be a quiet spot off the beaten path where you can get deep into your writing without being distracted while getting a bit of fresh air, or a lively place full of people, hustle and bustle.

3. Café

A café provides for an excellent writing space for those who find the presence of other people invigorating. Soft music, a buzz of voices, a cup of coffee at the ready, a possibility to take a look at those around you and probably find an interesting face or situation – all this may help to awaken the inspiration that got too sleepy.

4. Library

If you want some peace and quiet but your own room doesn’t associate with work very much and leads to too many distractions, a library is your natural choice. There won’t be any sudden loud noises, the very atmosphere promotes diligent work, any necessary literature and other sources of information are easily available – what else do you need?

5. Beach

Another place that seems to have been created for those willing to experience less orthodox writing arrangements. Sound of waves will soothe your nerves, sunlight will help you relax, and you have to choose your surroundings – it may be a quiet uncrowded beach, or a busy spot, anything you like.

When all is said and done, you can write almost anywhere – people have been finding exotic places to write their masterpieces for centuries, and today we have technology that makes it all that much easier and more convenient that it would be a shame not to use it.

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