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Process Analysis Essay Examples

Process analysis essay examples imply such academic papers that describe a certain process with each step of the activity being listed in a logical order. Such essays start with an introduction to the process and the supposing result that one is to get after following all the mentioned actions. Then, every step is to be described in a new paragraph that, altogether, make the body of the paper. Lastly, the conclusion of the process analysis essay examples has to include a brief overview of the process and list its main milestones.


How to Kick a Bad Habit

Having realized that one is prone to repeating the same unhealthy activity over and over, an individual starts to look for ways to kick the habit. However, without particular knowledge, it is quite difficult to combat such a behavior and ensure that the effect is long-lasting. Among different bad habits, people tend to wonder how to get rid of smoking cigarettes, drinking too much alcohol, snacking before going to bed, or picking their lips. Thus, in order to kick any of these or other bad habits, it is important to follow an easy algorithm that consists of only several steps and will lead one to a healthier life.
To start with, it is important to realize the need for overcoming the repetitive behavior, as, in the opposite case, all of the efforts will be in vain. At the same time, while being honest with him- or herself, the person will become motivated to keep working on achieving a good result. Thus, an individual will understand the reasons for doing his or her best in order to get out of any bad habit.
The next step is all about analyzing and planning; in particular, one has to identify the time of carrying out the action, such as smoking or getting a mid-night snack. This will help to create a full image of how often and how long one does the activity in order to get prepared for finding a replacement habit that is healthier. For example, instead of smoking a cigarette of getting an extra glass of wine, he or she can drink a glass of water or make a cup of tea instead. This will help to fulfill the need for performing a certain ritual but will not provoke for a habitual behavior and negatively affect the person’s health.
Lastly, having completed the previous steps, one is to start keeping track of the results. Thus, for every successful period of being out of a habit, the person can reward him- or herself with a new clothing item, a piece of technology, a trip, or any other need. Such a system will help to remain motivated and be eager to stick to the new way of life without returning to the habit.
In order to conclude, kicking a bad habit is not a quick and simple process, although it is certainly possible to do it. Thus, one has to admit to having an unhealthy habit, realize the conditions of performing it, and replace it with another activity that is more beneficial. Then, it is important to track the progress and celebrate each new milestone on the way to a healthy life.


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