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Product Presentation Example

Effectively introducing a product is the main goal of a successful product presentation example. The art of presenting a product to the audience in the most appealing way possible is a trade of skill and creativity. Producing such presentation is a direct responsibility of the marketing department of any company. Therefore, the basic design of a product presentation is an exceptionally common task assigned to students on a variety of marketing-related courses in higher education. As a result, the provided product presentation example may reveal to be an invaluable tool for one’s personal development.


Designing an effective product presentation is neither an ordinary nor a simple task. One has to resemble a sufficient amount of common sense and creativity in order to be able to present a product in the most appealing and exciting way to the public. The presentation should focus on important aspects of the product, however, it should not be oversaturated with statistical data and unnecessary information that may seem tedious. It is important to outline how the product is capable of influencing and changing the lives of its consumers.

In most cases, a product presentation consists of a number of slides that are produced in specific graphic design software, such as PowerPoint. One should not be discouraged from the use of such software if he/she has never been acquainted with it before since its is very simple in practice and there are numerous tutorials online.

As a brief introduction, the presentation may start off from a short background about the company and the history of its product line. Once the audience has been acquainted with the company, the product presentation should emphasize on the following characteristics of the product and the company that is presenting it:

  • The mission: what is the product bound to achieve;
  • The vision: what does the company wish to achieve;
  • Objectives: how will the product’s mission help achieve the company’s vision;
  • Target market: for whom will be the product provided and why;
  • The product: its nature, functions, and characteristics;

One may find a brief example of the key features of such presentation below.

The Minitendo Snitch Game Console

The Minitendo company has been in the video games business for decades. The company has provided numerous successful video game products and aims to achieve new heights with the presentation of the Minitendo Snitch Game Console.

  • The mission of the product is to provide portable and fun gaming experience.
  • The vision of the company is to provide portable and fun gaming experience to everyone.
  • The objectives are to make the Snitch game console an affordable, portable, and fun gaming device that would appeal to all members of the family, from kids to grandparents.
  • The product itself is a small touchscreen tablet with gamepad functionality. Games can be played either on the go or from the TV screen using an HDMI cable, which results in a unique flexibility of gameplay.
  • The presented Snitch game console is bound to unite both hard-core and casual gamers from all age ranges and spheres of occupation. The author is more than sure that it is a product that will benefit both the company and the consumer by providing a fantastic and unique experience in the video game industry.

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