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professional writersThere is no such a writer, who would not want to have a high salary and nice reputation among customers. Still, for some reason, most writers get to write orders with low prices only and clients do not fight for them to write their assignments. Only a few lucky ones get to the level of the well-being others can only dream of. Why do some people have everything, while others gain almost nothing? It definitely does not depend on whims of fortune. It depends on whether people have qualities, professionalism being the most important one.

Nowadays as ever before professionalism is something customers are willing to pay for. Do you know why?

  • Because professionals are never late. They value their own time as well as time of their customers. When working with a professional, the client can be sure, that his order will be delivered on time, without any delays. That means, that this particular writer can be trusted with a hot order and that he will not let the client down. If you are reliable and have a good sense of time, you can be considered as a professional.
  • Because professionals never deliver texts of low quality. If you realize that you will not be able to write an order qualitatively (not enough time, bad mood, health problems) – do not even start working on it. It is very important not to go easy on yourself. Do not make excuses for they will not improve mistakes in the text your customer will get if you don’t work hard enough. Every single order influences your reputation, bear it in mind.
  • Because professionals are always polite. Even when it seems like your customer has completely lost his mind, do not be rude. Rage never got anyone anywhere. Keep your mind cool and your words courteous. Always explain yourself as polite as possible, even if the client crosses the line. Being polite doesn’t mean agreeing with every nonsense your customer says though. It means defending your rights and your point of view, but without use of strong language.

Finally, professionals are respected and valued because they think they deserve it. They know their price. Professionals are hard-working, but they would not work hard for nothing. Such writers make a proper research, choose words for text thoroughly, proofread their essays – but they want a decent reward for it. And they get it, because they would rather write one large and complicated order with a relevant price, than many small cheap ones that do not require high quality of writing skills. So value yourself, become a professional.

PS. And what “professionalism” mean to you? Share your ideas!

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