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Proposal Speech Sample

It is crucially important to propose to a beloved one in an original and romantic way in order to make this significant moment unforgettable and unique. Therefore, the words the person says and the actions one takes ought to be thoroughly considered and properly prepared. A proposal speech sample is an example of how to ask for someone’s hand in marriage and to make this offer highly emotional and passionate. Nonetheless, a proposal speech sample does not have any formal requirements or a strictly defined structure, so everyone has an absolute freedom to choose what to tell and how.

gambar wanita sedang sendirian

The moment I saw you for the very first time will be stuck into my memory till the end of the days because it was the evening when the course of my life radically changed its direction. I remember you joyfully dancing at the birthday party of my sister, and your smiling eyes grabbed my attention for the whole evening.

I keep in the sanctuary of my heart every minute we shared because from the first moment I was totally overwhelmed by you. I was so proud to make you meet my family because I was certainly sure that they would love you. However, when I saw you playing with my niece, I understood that you are the one I want to share every day of my entire life with.

I do not know how it had been possible to live without your support and cheerfulness, without listening to you singing and watching you dancing when you think nobody sees. I love dreaming with you because you understand me as nobody would ever understand. I love being ill if I know that you will be near and take care of me.

You encourage me to get up every morning, to do great deeds for you, and to constantly become better. You are my inspiration, my motivation, and my desirous goal. You know like nobody what is a happiness and where it is hidden. We both want to have a colorful and memorable life, and together we can make our dreams come true.

You are the perfect person to be:

  • my friend
  • my advisor
  • my teacher
  • my travel companion
  • mother of my future children
  • my wife

I promise to do everything I only can to be a perfect match for you and to become a husband you deserve. I want to become your happily-ever-after, and I will do my best for your incredible smile to never fade. You are the greatest and the most precious gift given to me by this life, so I wish the whole world knew about my infinite and limitless love for you.

I am looking forward to the day when my last name will become ours, and our love will give a birth to a new family. You are the one I want to be for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer.  My voice is trembling, and my heart beats at a furious pace since I hope you will say me yes and make me the luckiest man on Earth. My heart, will you marry me?

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