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Reflective writing

One of most popular types of reflective writing are journals. People can make some notes in the journal for personal needs. But journal is not the only form of reflective writing. Reflective writing is any kind of writing which includes your personal reaction to something. Reflective paper cannot be wrong, because you just write your personal reaction to something. Reflective writing includes personal experience, reaction to precise ideas or text and explanation of your point of view. Reflective writing is helpful as it makes you think critically. Also it helps you to understand your own thoughts better and share your personal attitudes with others.

While writing a reflective paper it is important to remember that you need to mention the context of the reading or event and then write your personal reaction and your thoughts about this. You can make some interesting comments and analyze the book or event according to these comments.

In order to write successful reflective papers try to summarize the main ideas of the reading and analyze them. Decide on your attitude toward these ideas, clarify for yourself whether you agree or disagree with ideas of the text. Explain your point of view. You may also support your thoughts by referencing to other literature sources, just don’t forget to cite them.

You may write reflective paper almost about any topic. It can be reaction to the book, article, event or you may also write about such topics as “love, friendship”. Reflective writing is usually very personal, because it includes your personal thoughts and opinions which may be based on the past experience.

It is always better to work on reflective writing in quiet and relaxing place, so that you can concentrate and keep focus on your ideas and past experience. Following the above guidelines will surely help those who wish to express their reflection on the topic or event to make a good writing and to better structure own thoughts.

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