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Report writing tips

Reports are becoming more and more popular in colleges. The reason for that is that it is a really good way for students to engage with practice and see their abilities working in real world and business. Making reports is a substantial part of the work of people of different professions and that is why it is important to learn how to do them effectively while still in college.

There are numerous kinds of reports. First of all there are practical and theoretical reports. The first ones are the reports people write for their jobs and the latter ones are used for studying purposes. Academic reports (which are the main topic for this article) are also divided into different categories: reports of a field trip or field work, reports of industrial visit, medical reports, reports on business, technical reports etc. But all these reports despite of all their differences have something in common. The knowledge of some general tips may help you to make your report good no matter what kind of report it is.

  1. First of all think about the audience for your report and answer the questions about them. What do they know about the topic? What do they need to learn? What do they want to know?
  2. After that you need to analyze the task of your report, which will help you to realize how vast and how complicated it should be.
  3. The next thing you need to consider is to make a good structure and format of your report. It will definitely make your report more effective and the audience will be really thankful for easy-understandable format.
  4. Be sure to make a sufficient research before you start writing the report. Make sure all the sources are reliable.
  5. Never forget to review your paper. It is always good to take a look through it after the paper is done and be sure it will most likely need some corrections.
  6. Make sure the entire report is written either in active or in passive voice.
  7. If you need to present your report remember to keep it as simple as possible so that the audience will understand everything.
  8. Restate all the most important points in the summary and provide the adjustments you think are suitable.

These tips are only a partial help for you, but once you follow all of them and adjust your report according to them you will be more then likely to receive good grade and succeed.

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