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Sample Abstract Thesis

writing the abstractThe abstract thesis is an essential part of any research. Represented at the beginning of the paper, the abstract is a kind of the initial separate description of the whole investigation viewed by a reader. Thus, the abstract should be treated as a perspective to install precise expectations. As the abstract summarizes the entire thesis, it should represent all the general components of the research in a pressed form. The following sample abstract thesis is related to the research on Ancient History “The Development of the Social-Cultural Institutions in Athenian Polis according to the Comedies by Aristophanes”.

The paper reviews the evolution of the Athenian city-state from the beginning of the fifth to the end of the fourth centuries B.C. All the social, political, and cultural transformations are analyzed from the point of their influence on the citizenship mentality. In the first section of the text, the process of the incipience of the democratic social order in Athens is investigated. The author pays premium attention to the issue of the contribution of the cultural institutes to this phenomenon. Namely, the pride place goes to the appearance of a public theater. Additionally, social-cultural alterations are analyzed in a way as they are represented in the comedies by Aristophanes. The analysis of the key problems of peace and war, liberty and politics, upbringing and morality make the basis of this part of the research. The final chapter observes the crisis situation within the polis institutions and their origin. Together, these outcomes permit to draw a deduction that the development of the Athenian polis primarily depended on the political and economic factors that caused deep alterations in the citizenship morality of the Classical Greek community.

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