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Science Essay Sample

Writing a science essay is fairly considered to be one of the most important aspects of the educational process. Subsequently, a student may receive an academic degree and proceed with a professional career only in case of being aware of the major rules and principles underlying the composition of a science essay. In other words, for a student willing to succeed, the proficiency in a certain academic discipline is not sufficient in case his or her knowledge is not supported by the profound skills of writing a science essay. In this context, it appears reasonable to define the purpose of a science essay and outline the major rules underlying its composition.

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The Purpose of a Science Essay

The major aim of a science essay implies presenting the results received within the research conducted by an author. At the same time, it is worth mentioning, that a science essay differs substantially from a research paper or dissertation. Notably, the mentioned above types of academic works, in most cases, also involve the specific part dedicated to the results’ presentation. However, in a science essay, an author is required to concentrate only on the most important, innovative, and unconventional outcomes of the research. In other words, a science essay is less formal than a research paper or dissertation. It would also be reasonable to add that, as a rule, science essay is targeting a wide group of readers including those who may not necessarily have an academic background. Notably, the science essays’ authors often contribute to the popular newspapers and magazines.

The Guidelines for Writing a Science Essay

  • Make sure that the structure is clear. The basic rules of structuring an academic essay also refer to the science essay composition. In particular, science essay should involve a clear and thought-provoking introduction, main body with an argumentation, and a conclusion summarizing the research’s results.
  • Support the main argument with the scientifically proven data. One of the most important features of a science essay implies the usage of empirical evidence as a basis for the author’s argumentation. In other words, in a science essay, it is not acceptable to present the viewpoint that is not supported by the corresponding scientific findings. At the same time, science essay should not be overloaded with empirical data. Particularly, the writer should keep in mind that demonstrating an academic capacity is not a purpose of a science essay.
  • Be concise and do not forget about the references. The science essays’ writers have to avoid the usage of generalizations in the text. Namely, in a case of presenting some unconventional ideas, the writer should necessarily provide the name of the idea’s author. Therefore, the constructions like “some scientists think” are not acceptable in a science essay.
  • Avoid using too many technical and scientific terms. Undoubtedly, in some cases, it is not possible for a science essay’s author to replace the technical term with a corresponding popular definition. At the same time, the writer should minimize the number of technical and scientific terms while science essay is, in most cases, targeting the wide audience including the readers without a scientific background.

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