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Short Speech on My Father

A short speech on my father is a common challenge people may face on numerous events and reasons. On the one hand, there could not be anything simpler than tell a couple of paragraphs about a person known from the birth. On the other hand, even this issue hides some pitfalls and needs a good command of basic stylistic norms. Therefore, the example of a short speech on my father will provide an excellent basis for understanding the key requirements to this type of writing.

father and child

Due to my age, somebody may doubt the validity of the words I am going to say, but there is one advantage that it provides; I am already capable of assessing a figure of a father from a perspective different from the one that is usually taken by schoolchildren who want to get a good mark for a proper essay. Not aiming at getting straight A’s from you, I can confidently say that my father fulfilled three the most important functions in my life, each of which is apparently the expression of his good nature.
First of all, my father set a good example of being a family caregiver. This notion embraces for me not only the financial issues but also points connected with the emotional stability of the family. Surely, I am delighted with his ability to earn a sufficient amount of money to satisfy the needs of his close ones; especially if to take into account that after graduation he started his career as a gas station worker. Despite the fact that work was consuming a great part of his time, my father had always managed to find a minute to talk with us, his sons, and express that our mother and we are much more important than work. Only years after that I have realized that all the time spent at work was sacrificed in order for us to feel comfortable.
The second role taken by him was a friend. I am not sure how many people can boast about the same, but my father was a person whom I addressed in need. Even though there was a division of topics I could discuss with my peers and father, the most important and personal issues I discussed exclusively with my father. There were situations when my friends were astonished at my statement that it was my father’s advice, and even then I was proud of having such a person.
The third and maybe the most important lesson my father taught me is the need to always remain a human. I will never forget a snowy night when we were returning home from our relatives and found a small kitten a hundred meters from the entrance door. My brother and I did not even try to ask to take it since we knew very well that our mother would not be happy about such a prospective. Despite this, our father brought the kitten home and promised to find a shelter for the pet the next day. He never talked about this, but showed with his own behavior that people have to help each other.
All in all, I was lucky to have a caregiver, a friend, and a moral authority combined in one person. In fact, it is wrong to say that I was lucky using the past tense; I am currently lucky to have a father that will be an icon for me while upbringing my children. I sincerely hope that in a couple of decades a child of mine will deliver the speech not worse or even better than this one.

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