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How to Deal with Smoking Argumentative Essay?

argumentative essay on smokingThe subject of smoking is usually followed by a bunch of controversial opinions. People who know just a little about this issue and its effects usually cannot produce anything coherent on the subject. To create a solid, well-researched and informative argumentative essay on smoking, first thing you have to do is to brainstorm what point of the subject (smoking) you wish to discuss. Weighed, concise and factually correct statements are the number one rule for a perfectly-researched essay on smoking.

Start with outlining the key essay points and make a list of these. The easiest way is to take a piece of paper and jot down three or four points that you are going to talk about within the essay. For instance, one can base smoking argumentative essay on “smoking health effects”, “nicotine addiction” or “smoking effects of the physical nature”.

Create the introductory section of the essay. Make sure to clearly outline your personal view on the subject and the purpose of writing this project. When you generate an argumentative essay you have to give reasonable facts proving that smoking is bad. You also have to introduce all the key points you will cover within the essay.

Now is the time to expand on the main points of the essay. The body of the essay is your opportunity to say all that that you think about smoking. For instance, in case you build your research and the project itself on the nicotine addiction topic, you could say, “Nicotine builds an addiction, and it gets stronger every moment you make a short break for a smoke”.

Make certain to incorporate the other side of the argument. Once you start working on a smoking argumentative essay, you have to mention the opposite point of view. For example, if you dedicate your project to the influence of smoking on health, it is recommended to make the following statement: “Smoking is one of the shortest way-outs from the stressful situations for it helps you relax; nevertheless, it slowly ruins your life and leads to an increased risk of getting lung cancer”. Once you acknowledge the opposite viewpoint, thus, you demonstrate 100% awareness of other viewpoint and your project is not absolutely biased.

Proper citation of every resource you consult when dealing with an argumentative essay on smoking will help you present your facts, studies and figures in the most favorable light!

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