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9 Uncommon Sociology Assignments That You Will Do with Pleasure

Do you just love studying human behavior? Do you find yourself wondering about how people around you became the way they are now?

If so, then sociology can be a fascinating subject.
Curiosity about other humans is at the core of the subject of sociology. If you have been assigned a sociology paper, it’s a great opportunity to choose a topic that interests you. If you are fascinated by your topic, then your audience will be captivated as well.

Here are nine intriguing ideas to make your boring homework assignment into a unique discovery about human nature.


1. Men vs. Women

Most of us have spent many hours debating gender differences with our friends. It is an endlessly fascinating topic, so try to go a little deeper. Are men stronger than women, or the other way around? What are the pressures and trends in our society that impact gender roles? Is it hard to be a woman in our culture, and why?

2. Alcohol Addiction

This is yet another deep topic, which can take you in all kinds of different directions. What really causes alcohol addiction? Are social norms and pressures partly to blame? How does someone become an addict? To add to the level of intrigue, try focusing on a particular group, such as minorities or teens.

3. The Life of Singles

What is it really like for those who are single in a world of mostly couples? Are they more fulfilled or just lonelier than their married counterparts? Did they choose to remain single, or are there other influences at work? A study on how single people function can yield all kinds of interesting information about society and its expectations.

4. A Favorite TV Show

What does South Park really say about American culture? What about Game of Thrones? Dramatically increase the interest level of your assignment by using it as an opportunity to reflect upon a popular TV show you love. Why do you think it’s so popular and what does that say about our society?

5. Consumer Choices

What influences are likely to cause a consumer to choose one product over another? Do consumers have the power to cause some changes through their choices? Consider the push buy organic food or to limit reliance on foreign companies.

6. Standards of Beauty

How have our ideas about feminine beauty changed throughout history? What events and trends have influenced these changes? Are our current beauty standards reasonable, or are they so unrealistic as to be damaging?

7. Virtual Reality

If you’re a techie, you may especially love this topic. What are the implications of the rise of virtual reality? Are people soon going to begin using virtual reality as a way to escape from reality and authentic connections?

8. Violence

Violent acts are universally condemned, but are there times when they are justified, or even necessary? What are some perceptions around gender differences as they relate to violence?

9. Feminism

It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t have a strong opinion on this topic. What is the real definition of feminism? Is it about equality of genders, or does it favor women? Has the rise of feminist principles undermined family life?
These are some issues that grapple with the deepest parts of human nature. It would be quite interesting to find out more about them, isn’t it?

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