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8 Speech Recognition Apps That Will Rescue You at the Trickiest Moments

There was a day, not so very long ago, when paper and pen were used when to remember something. But things have changed since those days. You no longer need to carry around notebooks to your classes or slips of paper in your pocket. All you need is a handy speech recognition app installed on your phone for easy note taking and organization of your thoughts.
Here are some picks for the best speech recognition apps.

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1. Evernote

This app allows you to take notes in a variety of formats and then organize and share them easily. It is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows phone, Mac and PC. There are three pricing tiers: the free version, the Plus version for $34.99 a year, or the premium version for $69.99 a year. Most of those who shell out some extra money consider it well worth the price because of its versatility and ease of use.

2. Google Keep

This free note-taking app syncs nicely with your Google Drive. You can easily jot down notes and reminders, and even add voice and photo to them. Its colorful and attractive interface is another bonus. It’s compatible with iOS or Android as well as on the web.

3. Microsoft OneNote

The advantage to this app is its full integration with the Microsoft product suite, including OneDrive. The app is free, but to use it effectively you will need Microsoft Office, which costs $69 per year. It has excellent features for organization, collaboration. Moreover, you can add voice and photos to your notes. This app is a bit cluttered compared with others, but it’s definitely worthwhile if you are already using Microsoft Office.

4. SimpleNote

This free app stands out for its speed, simplicity, and easy synchronizing among different devices. It lacks many of the features that other apps have, but makes up for it in ease of use, providing distraction-free note taking. It allows you to search your notes using keywords and to restore notes after you’ve deleted them.

5. ColorNote

This is another simple, uncluttered app that is ideal for the visual learner because of its color-coding feature. It is also unique in its ability to synchronize with your calendar and create your to-do lists. This app is totally free.

6. FiiNote

If you’re searching for a note taking app that still retains some of the qualities of traditional note taking, this may be the one for you. It comes with a stylus, allowing you the option of writing your notes instead of typing them. You can even use it for sketching or doodling. This is also a free app.

7. Pocket

This app can be used most effectively with other note taking apps, like Evernote. Use it to organize articles as you read them by linking them to your notes. You can download the basic version of this app for free. The premium version costs $44.99/year.

8. iCloud Notes

This app is free and can be downloaded to any Apple device. Those who routinely use several Apple devices (like an iPhone, iPad, and a Mac computer) will get the most out of it. Though it lacks some of the frills of other note taking apps, it’s easy to use and can be conveniently accessed using Siri or via iCloud.com.
So, ditch your spiral notebook in your backpack and your to-do list in your pocket. Try out one of these great apps, and you will see how more organized you can become.

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