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How Speeches about Money Impact People of Different Professions


“Money can’t buy happiness”. That’s a popular belief, but in fact many professions with the largest paycheck also have the lowest level of employee happiness.
But, the reality is that we need money to live, and we need lots of it to live with comfort. For this reason, it’s powerful motivator in almost every profession.

We all have deep, and often conflicting, emotions about money. That’s why if you are presenting a motivational speech on this topic, you need to understand how it could impact on different audiences. These feelings will depend, in large part, on their professions.

Here are the ways how people of different professions feel about the topic of money.

1. Business People and Entrepreneurs

This audience will express an attitude of open-mindedness and a spirit of adventure when it comes to money. They are always ready for a next great idea. If you can present them with a compelling, outside-the-box vision for creative ways to build their business or expand their client bases, they will find it very motivating.

2. Teachers

Teachers have almost no control over their incomes and this can be frustrating for them. If you present them with some real strategies for generating more income through a side business, they will definitely find that interesting. Teachers also crave bargains and investment strategies to help them stretch their limited incomes a bit farther.

3. Medical Profession

Historically, the medical profession has been perceived as a high-earning, but it is not actually so. Medical professionals feel trapped by the insurance system into spending less time with their patients. They want to hear creative ideas to help patients pay for their services so that they can serve them better.

4. Public Servants

This group may be the least concerned about money among all the groups listed here. They have a secure income and benefits, and they are motivated by helping their constituents. You can energize them with budgeting ideas to stretch government funds and give assistance to more people who need it.

5. Legal Professions

Lawyers are currently suffering a “drought” of sorts due to negative perceptions of their occupation, as well as the increasing availability of legal services over the Internet. They want some practical solutions for overcoming these obstacles and bringing in more clients. For them, more clients mean more money.

6. Salespeople

When it comes to sales people, the issue is really cut and dry: if they make more sales, that means they earn more money. Motivation for such a group must consist in giving them concrete strategies to increase their sales as much as it is possible.

7. Creatives

Artists, musicians, actors, and writers face the challenge of pursuing their dreams while still earning a viable paycheck. Focus your speech on ways to get some attention of the right patrons who will gladly recognize and pay for their work.
People of any profession may portray the facade that they do not really care about money, but in reality, this issue touches us all deeply. With some reflection, you can turn this dreaded topic into a subject of inspiration.

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