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Structure of a 5-paragraph essay

A 5-paragraph essay is a formal format of a short essay. It is very widely spread and used in middle schools, high schools, and universities.

Such essay is supposed to have 5 paragraphs:

  • an introductory paragraph;
  • three body paragraphs with your main point and supporting points with evidence;
  • a concluding paragraph.

An introductory paragraph

An introductory paragraph is a paragraph where you slightly introduce the problem you are going to open to the reader, arouse interest in your topic, explain it or show the meaning of your topic. An introductory paragraph is supposed to include a thesis and something like a small outline of your essay. This is the part where the writer arouses the reader’s interest and attention. It notifies the reader what will be the topic of the paper. The last sentence has to have a logical chain, which will lead the reader to the body part of the essay.

First paragraph of the body section The first paragraph should state the strongest statement or argument, the most vivid illustration, the simplest but sophisticated example. The first sentence should be logically tied with the ending sentence in the introduction. The subject of the second paragraph has to be in the second sentence. The main point should be related to the thesis in the introduction paragraph. The last sentence should connect the second paragraph with the third one.

The second paragraph of the body section

The second paragraph should contain the second strongest point, the second most vivid illustration, and the second simplest but sophisticated example or an obvious following of statements mentioned in the starting paragraph of the body. The beginning should contain the ending link of the logical chain carried through the introduction and the first and second paragraphs of the body. The main topic for this paragraph should be mentioned in the first one. This topic should be related to the main point of the introduction. The ending sentence should contain a logical chain to the third paragraph of the body section.

The third paragraph of the body section

The third paragraph must contain the least important and most meaningful statement. The first sentence of this paragraph should contain the logical ending of the logical chain seen in the previous sentences. The main point is supposed to be in the first sentence. This thesis has to be related to the introduction. The ending sentence has to have a “hook”, that tells the reader that this is an ending point of the essay, and that the conclusion will proceed. Concluding paragraph The concluding paragraph should contain the following: The finalization and the logical ending of the introduction paragraph A duplication of the main point but in a new, original language. The conclusion of the 3 body paragraphs A final point, that tells the reader that the discussion is over, and the final statement is proved and developed.

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