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6 Main Reasons Why Most Students Digress During the Process of Writing a Paper

Another class, another paper. It never seems to end! School life is full of essays, essays, and more essays. Though you may have the best intentions of working on a paper right when you receive the assignment, it can be very easy to get distracted.

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The best way to stop yourself from becoming distracted is to become aware of the things that get you sidetracked in the first place. Knowing these will help you stay away from them or not do them since you know they call your attention away from the task.

1.  Social Networks

Social networking is so fun. It’s the way you stay connected and share your experience. However, it’s also a major time-killer. Because you are already on your computer when you are going through the process of writing a paper, it is always tempting to jump online and see what your friends are up to on Facebook, Twitter, etc. The best thing to do is to turn off your Wi-Fi when writing.

2.  TV Shows

Think you are able to produce a timely paper while having Netflix on at the same time? Think again. Even though you think you can type and watch TV at the same time, you can’t. Or rather, you can, but your paper will suffer since you won’t be entirely focused. Turn off the tube!

3.  Friends

It sounds like so much fun to go out and party or just hang out with friends instead of writing an essay. Your friends may even make you feel guilty or suggest that you can do your paper later if you say you want to stay home and work on it. Be strong and stern. Your friends will have to wait until you are done (or maybe halfway done).

4.  Food

It’s true that many people eat when they are bored or rather not do a task. Putting things off by eating a snack is a really common way that students digress. Wandering around the kitchen opening cabinets to see what’s available, even when you aren’t that hungry is a huge distracter. Resist the temptation!

5.  Smartphones

Similar to social networks, phones are a way to get lost in the many apps, text messages, and pictures to look at and play with. During the time that you set aside for writing your paper, you should also turn off your phone to avoid getting sucked in and losing your precious time.

6.  Making Excuses

The biggest excuse you can make and one that is commonly used is that you write better under time pressure. This is just another way of postponing the writing process.

You know you will have to write that essay eventually. Hopefully, it won’t be the hour before it’s due. Become more self-disciplined and take initiative to finish something that you need to do anyway. The result will impress you in the end.

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