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7 Writing Apps for Online Students

writing apps iconsWriting is an essential part of education, whatever the discipline or academic level may be. In some cases it simply plays a somewhat more important role, in others it less important, but no student can ever ignore developing his/her writing skills. Luckily for you, today there are a lot of writing apps that can make this job a lot easier.

1. Dragon Suite

Dragon is a series of voice-recognition apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry, allowing you to create text content by simply dictating them to your smartphone. Possibly not the best solution for text writing, it is extremely useful for making quick notes when your hands are occupied – or if you simply too slow a typist.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive is a must have in case you take part in group projects along with other students. It gives you an opportunity to quickly and easily share documents among the project members, track different versions of these documents, edit them at the same time and collaborate in other ways.

3. OmmWriter

OmmWriter has been specifically designed for students who are too easily distracted in the process of writing. It creates a minimalistic writing environment, allows you to set the background you like, choose a music track to supplement it. The idea is that if you don’t see all these buttons, links and menu options, you are more likely to concentrate on the task at hand. The app is free, but donations are encouraged.

4. Adobe Reader

Pdf is by far the most the most widespread file format in the academia, and Adobe Reader is still the most popular pdf viewer. Not only does it allow you to view pdfs on your PC or mobile device, but it also has a number of additional options: you can, for example, make notes or highlight some fragments for further use.

5. EasyBib

Quoting and managing your sources is a pure nightmare for many a student due to a lot of tedious, mechanical work based on arbitrary requirements of style guides. EasyBib is aimed to alleviate this burden: it helps you easily manage all your sources, provides correct citing format using nine most widespread style guides, is able to scan ISBN codes to create citation entries and a lot more.

6. Hemingway

Hemingway can be described as an automatic proofreader. If you use Microsoft Word, you are probably used to being pestered by its peculiar stylistic suggestions – this is the same, only it works properly. Hemingway highlights overly complex and hard to read sentences, adverbs, instances of passive voice, shows where you can use a shorter and simpler word and so on. If you are prone to purple prose, it is an excellent way to keep yourself in check.

7. Practice English Grammar

It was designed for language learners and really helps to get to grips with English grammar if you are a foreign student – or just don’t have inherent linguistic intuition. Offering all kinds of activities for students of all levels, it is a very useful and fun way to improve your written and spoken English.

No app can replace genuine effort – but they can boost this effort and bring better results.

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